Ward 2 Information Page

About Tim Male

Tim Male and his family have called Takoma Park home since 2002, living on Carroll Avenue, Maple Avenue and Woodland Avenue (since 2006). He has served on City Council since 2011 and also works for the Sand County Foundation. He is a scientist with an undergraduate degree from Yale University and a PhD from the University of Hawaii. He has been a Fulbright and a German Marshall Fund Fellow. Tim’s weekends once involved ultimate frisbee or outrigger canoe paddling, but you are now more likely to find him happily watching his son and daughter swimming or playing soccer.


What Ward Do I Live In?

The City of Takoma Park is divided into six wards each represented by a single councilmember. The councilmembers are elected every two years in a general election. Please use the downloadable street list and map below the map as the definitive guide to determine in which ward a household is located.