Ward 3 Information Page

About Kate Stewart

Kate lives in Takoma Park with her husband Jon Griffith and two daughters, Maya & Bridget. Kate & Jon started their lives together renting a house on Philadelphia Avenue and then moved to Elm Avenue where they have lived for almost 20 years.

Kate serves as the Executive Vice-President of Advocates for Youth, an organization that works in the U.S. and internationally to empower young people to make informed and responsible decisions about their reproductive and sexual health and to advocate on behalf of their rights. Before working at Advocates, Kate was a partner in a research and communications firm where she provided strategic advice to a range of progressive organizations. Kate has also taught as an Adjunct Professor at American University and is currently on the Urban Institutes Internal Review Board. Kate received her BA from Haverford College and her Master of Science from the University of Maryland.


What Ward Do I Live In?

The City of Takoma Park is divided into six wards each represented by a single councilmember. The councilmembers are elected every two years in a general election. Please use the downloadable street list and map below the map as the definitive guide to determine in which ward a household is located.