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The laws governing landlord-tenant relations and the maintenance and operation of rental housing in Takoma Park include the following sections of the City Code:

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RENTAL HOUSING LICENSES (Chapter 6.08) City Code & Charter link icon identifies which rental properties are required to be licensed and outlines the licensing process.

PROPERTY MAINTENANCE CODE (Chapter 6.12) City Code & Charter link icon establishes the minimum standards used during a rental housing inspection.

LANDLORD TENANT RELATIONS (Chapter 6.16) City Code & Charter link icon details basic landlord and tenant rights and responsibilities.

RENT STABILIZATION (Chapter 6.20) City Code & Charter link icon limits the frequency and amount of rent increases that may be charged by a landlord.

COMMISSION ON LANDLORD AND TENANT AFFAIRS (Chapter 6.24) City Code & Charter link icon outlines procedures for processing a formal complaint made by a landlord, a tenant, or a tenant association.

SALE OF RENTAL FACILITIES (Chapter 6.28) City Code & Charter link icon lays out what information must be provided by a landlord to any interested party prior to the sale of a rental facility.

TENANT OPPORTUNITY TO PURCHASE (Chapter 6.32) City Code & Charter link icon provides tenants with the right to purchase the rental facility where they live in the event is it is placed on the market for sale.

City Code & Charter link icon The online Charter and Code are published on the Code Publishing Company website. The City Clerk's Office has the official version of the Takoma Park Municipal Charter and Code. Users should contact the City Clerk's Office for ordinances passed subsequent to the ordinance cited on the Code Publishing Company website.