Redevelopment of Takoma Junction Lot

At the intersection of Carroll and Ethan Allen Avenues, Takoma Junction is the focus of community interest and efforts to improve the economic viability of the businesses, traffic, livability, and pedestrian use. The City announced four finalists for redevelopment of the City owned lot at Takoma Junction. Click on the images below to download PDF presentations. City Council will be hearing additional public comments and discussing the proposals in upcoming Council sessions over the next few months.

The Ability Project (PDF)                               Neighborhood Development Company & SORG (PDF) 



Community Three Development (PDF)         Keystar & Eco Housing (PDF)


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Sep 29 - City Council heard public comment on the Takoma Junction Redevelopment and discussed the proposals in a work session.

Sep 23 - The four finalists made public presentations in the Takoma Park Community Center Auditorium at 7:00 p.m. See the video and download the individual presentations:

Sep 5 - Four finalists are announced and invited to present their proposals to the community on September 23, 2014 at the Takoma Park Community Center auditorium.

May 29 - The City Attorney issued a memo to the City Council providing ethics advice related to the Takoma Junction redevelopment proposals.

May 28 - Request for Proposals closed at 4:00 p.m.

Mar 28 - Several groups have notified City staff that they are interested in locating at the Takoma Junction and shared their contact information for collaborating with prospective developers in one or more responses to the RFP.

Mar 5 - The Montgomery County Planning Department identified an error on the Interactive Zoning Map external link icon for the property, and has updated the proposed Commercial/Residential Town (CRT) with an FAR of 0.75 (C-0.5, R-0.25, Height 35') for the zoning ordinance rewrite, expected to come into effect after October 30, 2014. The Commercial Revitalization Overlay Zone will continue to permit a height up to 42' for commercial development and 50’ to accommodate residential development, at the discretion of the Planning Board. Inquiries regarding the existing and proposed zoning should be directed to Matt Johnson, Montgomery County Planning Department, at 301-495-1325.

Feb 25 - Responses to questions posed to City staff since the release of the RFP, and at the February 12 Information Meeting are provided.

Feb 12 - An information meeting hosted by City staff in the auditorium of the Takoma Park Community Center.

Jan 22 - The City released a Request for Proposals, encouraging submissions that: act as a stimulus to the commercial district and locally-owned, independent businesses; improve the aesthetic appeal of the district; and are contextually sensitive and environmentally sustainable.

Jan 6 - Takoma Park City Council approved a solicitation for proposals from experienced developers for the redevelopment of the City-owned property in Takoma Junction, presently serving as a surface parking lot. The 1.2-acre property at the intersection of two state highways is zoned for mixed-use and its redevelopment should contribute to the ongoing revitalization of Takoma Junction.

Background Documents

Overhead terrain map of Takoma Junction with border overlays