Mulch Delivery

How To Purchase Mulch

The Public Works Department has leaf mulch available for pick up and delivery. The mulch is made by grinding leaves collected each fall in the City's vacuum leaf collection program. Mulch can be used as a soil amendment or a top dressing around plants and trees. Mulch is available at the Public Works Department.

City of Takoma Park
Public Works Department
31 Oswego Avenue
Silver Spring, MD 20910 (MAP)

Phone: 301-891-7633

The mulch pile is accessible for self-loading every day of the week. Loading of trucks is done for a fee (see below) and must be scheduled in advance by calling 301-891-7633.

Mulch Delivery

The City of Takoma Park delivers mulch to residents and outside the City (30 mile maximum) for the prices listed below. The delivery program starts in March each year and continues until supplies are depleted.

Deliveries are scheduled on Fridays, between 8:30 am and 3:30 pm Payment can be made by check or money order, mailed to the Public works office or hand-delivered and received by Thursday afternoon at the Public Works Department. Payment by credit card can be arranged through the City’s finance office after scheduling an appointment.

NOTE: MULCH DELIVERIES ARE MADE TO DRIVEWAYS ONLY.  If you would like to order a delivery, please make sure you have a location available for a large truck to be able to back into, no low overhead utility lines or ground level obstructions. If you do not have a driveway special arrangements for delivery must be arranged through the Public Works Department.

Mulch Delivery Prices

Resident Delivery Price

  • 3 yards: $45
  • 7 yards: $65
  • 10 yards: $65

Outside The City Price

  • 3 yards: $65
  • 7 yards: $105
  • 10 yards: $105

Dump Truck Loading Fees

  • Small Truck: $20
  • Large Truck: $30