Takoma Park stormwater management program is established to achieve following goals:
  • Maintain and replace stormwater infrastructure 
  • Perform stream restoration projects and other water quality improvement projects
  • Add stormwater treatment facilities, such as green streets
  • Provides funding to study, design and construct stormwater management facilities

Stormwater management program is funded through stormwater management utility fee which is based on each property's actual contribution to stormwater runoff. Learn more about stormwater management utility fee at: Stormwater Fees - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Stormwater Runoff : 

Rainwater flowing over streets and other paved areas picks up oils & other contaminants on its way to Sligo Creek, the Anacostia River & the Chesapeake Bay. Fast-flowing stormwater causes erosion & the eroded soils add to the degradation of our waterways. The City of Takoma Park works to slow & filter the stormwater to help our community do its part in cleaning the Chesapeake Bay. The illustration below explains stormwater runoff graphically.

Stormwater Management Permit

Stormwater management permit is required during (a) Additions or modifications to existing single-family detached residential structures disturbing 5,000 square feet or more; (b) Any exterior construction activity on commercial, industrial or institutional property, regardless of size of disturbance. 
Applications and important documents needed for the stormwater permitting process are available on the Stormwater Permit Application page

If you have a question about stormwater management or want to report a flooding or drainage problem, contact the City Engineer.

Ali Khalilian
City Engineer
Phone: 301-891-7620

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