Tornado Watch - Community Advisory

The National Weather Service has issued a TORNADO WATCH for Montgomery County effective immediately until 10 pm.


Be prepared. Tornadoes can form from severe thunderstorms with little or no advanced warning. Know your safe room in your home, at school, and at work.

The safest place to be during a tornado is in a basement. Fit under a work bench or other piece of sturdy furniture. If no basement is available, seek shelter on the lowest floor in a hallway or closet. Use blankets or pillows to cover your body and always stay away from windows.


Evacuate mobile homes and vehicles immediately. Do not use highway overpasses as shelters. If no shelter is available, lie flat in the nearest ditch or other low spot and cover your head with your hands.


Do not wait to hear or see this tornado before you take action. Tornadoes that form at night and those that are rain wrapped may not be visible.