Takoma Park Police Partner with Montgomery County's Pre-Trial Diversion Program for First Time Juvenile Offenders - News Release


City of Takoma Park Police Department

● 7500 Maple Avenue ● Takoma Park, Md 20912


For more information contact:

Public Information Officer (PIO)

Catherine Plevy, 301/891.7142 or 240/338.2901


June 17, 2013 (11:32 am)


The Takoma Park Police Department announces that it will partner with Montgomery County with the pre-trial diversion program for first time juvenile offenders; juveniles charged with certain non-violent misdemeanor offenses. The case screeners will review the case and, if appropriate, refer the person to diversion. The participant must admit involvement and contract to complete the parameters of the program. The program aims to reduce recidivist criminal behavior with treatment, counseling and community service. The program has worked and has proven effective in preventing repeat criminal activity with an estimated 80% of the participants not re-offending.