Locations of Speed Cameras in the City of Takoma Park, Maryland - News Release


City of Takoma Park Police Department

● 7500 Maple Avenue ● Takoma Park, Md 20912


For more information contact:

Public Information Officer (PIO)

Catherine Plevy, 301-891-7142 or 240-338-2901


July 11, 2013 (5:07 pm)


The City of Takoma Park currently has five (5) fixed poles and three (3) portable speed camera units. Locations of these cameras are as follows:

400 block Ethan Allen Avenue, eastbound

500 block Ethan Allen Avenue, westbound

7100 block New Hampshire Avenue, northbound

7200 block New Hampshire Avenue, southbound

900 block University Boulevard, eastbound

900 block East West Highway, westbound

7400 block Carroll Avenue, northbound

7400 block Carroll Avenue, southbound

In addition, Safe Speed Corridors are stretches of roadway identified and approved for Speed Camera Enforcement. Portable cameras can be placed in authorized locations that have met all requirements. The goal of this approach is to encourage drivers to "Respect the Speed Limit" along the entire stretch of a roadway, rather than at one fixed speed camera location. Location for this corridor is:

Northbound and southbound New Hampshire Avenue - the 6900 to 7600 blocks. The University Corridor is University Blvd East eastbound from the 900 block through the 1300 block.

All speed cameras are in full enforcement.

Any questions on the program may be directed to Safe Speed at 301-891-7138.