City Offices and Facilities Closed

City offices and facilities are closed Monday, January 21 in recognition of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. As always, the Takoma Park Police Department is available in case of emergency.

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Staff Directory

Staff Directory

First Name Last Name Position Email Phone Extension Department
Human Resources Department 301-891-7203Human Resources
Zamurd Abbas Systems Administrator 301-891-7238Information Systems
Kiros Alemseged Accounting Supervisor 301-891-7208Finance
Ellen Arnold-Robbins Library Director 301-891-7258Library
Andrea Artero Crime Analyst 301-891-7130Police
Ernest Atwell Police Officer 301-891-71015642Police
Duane Baravechia Neighborhood Services Team Manager 301-891-7113Police
Yohannes Bennehoff Planning Intern 301-891-7217Housing & Community Development
Thomas Black Police Corporal 301-891-71015617Police
Alexis Blackwell Human Resources Director 301-891-7201Human Resources
Kristen Boone Recreation Programs Manager 301-891-7282Recreation
Daryl Braithwaite Public Works Director 301-891-7615Public Works
Rebecca Brown Library Manager - Public Services 301-891-7256Library
David Burbank Library Associate 301-891-7265Library
Daniel Bushman Communications Officer Police
Joseph Butler Police Corporal 301-891-7111Police
Vince Cain Recreation Center Supervisor 301-891-7289Recreation
Alvaro Calabia Video Production Manager 301-891-7253Communications
Angelina Cannatella Photo Enforcement Analyst 301-891-7145Police
Lori Cannon HR Coordinator 301-891-7210Human Resources
Jessie Carpenter City Clerk 301-891-7267City Clerk
Ian Chamberlain Construction Manager 301-891-7611Public Works
Susan Cheung Finance Director 301-891-7242Finance
Richard Cipperly Police Sergeant 301-891-7117Police
Gregory Clark Recreation Director 301-891-7227Recreation
Lakyia Coles Logistics/Payroll Specialist 301-891-7134Police
Cynthia Conrad Police Corporal 301-891-7140Police
Samira Cook Community Development Manager (Economic Development) 301-891-7217Housing & Community Development
Sara Anne Daines Community Development Director 301-891-7224Housing & Community Development
Jason Damweber Deputy City Manager 301-891-7202City Manager
Corin Day Communications Officer Police
Diana Dean Victim/Witness Coordinator 301-891-7147Police
Lars DeSalvio IT Manager (301) 891-7218Information Systems
Antonio DeVaul Police Chief 301-891-7104Police
Donna Drew Senior Accounting Assistant 301-891-7209Finance
Cindy Dyballa Councilmember, Ward 2 240-320-6494City Council
Mark Elfadl Police Officer 301-891-71015613Police
Jamee Ernst Planner 301.891.7213Housing & Community Development
Jerome Erwin Police Sergeant 301-891-71015649Police
Elizabeth Ferry Library Associate 301-891-7257Library
Derek Fields Police Officer 301-891-71015676Police
Troy Fingal Right of Way Supervisor 301-891-7614Public Works
Crysla Flores Records Clerk 301-891-7133Police
Blanca Flores-Ramirez Building Maintenace Specialist 301-891-7618Public Works
Nicodemus Fontem Library Manager - Technical Services 301-891-7263Library
Daniel Frishkorn Police Captain - Support Services 301-891-7103Police
Danyelle Gallop Senior Police Dispatcher 301-891-7139Police
Jessica Garrison Police Officer 301-891-71015683Police
Kurt Gilbert Police Sergeant 301-891-7124Police
Victor Glouchkov Police Officer 301-891-71015624Police
Maxsim Glushkov Police Officer 301-891-71015677Police
Jon Goldin Police Officer 301-891-71015660Police
Timothy Gratton Code Enforcement Officer 301-891-7243Police
Rosalind Grigsby Community Development Manager 301-891-7205Housing & Community Development
Jennifer Hale Grants Coordinator 301-891-7131Housing & Community Development
Kyle Hanlin Police Officer 301-891-71015637Police
Ron Hardy Emergency Preparedness/Police Planning 301-891-7126Police
Charles Hoetzel Police Sergeant 301-891-7127Police
Michelle Holmes Police Sergeant - Safe Speed 301-891-7148Police
Wanda Hsiung Library Shelver 301-891-7259Library
Keith Hubley Police Officer 301-891-71015681Police
Deborah Huffman Assistant Recreation Director 301-891-7226Recreation
Janet Jendrzejczyk Library Associate 301-891-7264Library
Byron Jimenez Police Officer 301-891-71015686Police
Patricia Johnson Code Enforcement Officer 301-891-7234Police
Jean Kerr Housing Specialist 301-891-7216Housing & Community Development
Ali Khalilian City Engineer 301-891-7620Public Works
Kacy Kostiuk Councilmember, Ward 3 240-204-4912City Council
Peter Kovar Councilmember, Ward 1 240-319-6281City Council
Michael Kurland Recreation Programs Supervisor - Kids/Camps 301-891-7285Recreation
Paula Lisowski Recreation Programs Coordinator - Seniors 301-891-7280Recreation
Suzanne Ludlow City Manager 301-891-7229City Manager
John Lupari Facility Maintenance Supervisor 301-891-7627Public Works
Karen MacPherson Library Manager - Children & Young Adult Services 301-891-7262Library
Patricia Mallin Licensing Specialist 301-891-7255Housing & Community Development
Leo Mangum Property & Evidence Clerk 301-891-7129Police
Bienvenido Martinez Audio/Visual Specialist 301-8991-7239Communications
Gina Mathias Sustainability Manager 301-891-7623Public Works
Javonte McDonald Recreation Program Coordinator - Youth Success 301-891-7284Recreation
Sada Merriman Police Officer 301-891-71015649Police
Gene Miller Library Associate 301-891-7261Library
Leicia Monfort Recreation Programs Supervisor - Teens 301-891-7283Recreation
Eugenia Moore HR Intern 301-891-7640Human Resources
Apryl Motley Takoma Park Newsletter Editor Newsletter
Eric Mueller Police Officer 301-891-71015689Police
Danielle Murphy Administrative Assistant 301-891-7223Recreation
Matthew Muzzatti Police Officer 301-891-71015653Police
Irma Nalvarte Assistant City Clerk 301-891-7214City Clerk
Lucy Neher Safe Routes to School Coordinator 301-891-7235Housing & Community Development
Cesar Neyra Application & Hardware Administrator 301-891-7237Information Systems
Huong Nguyen Communications Officer Police
Kathryn Nolfi Librarian 301-891-7259Library
Chelsea Nunez Recreation Specialist - Sports 301-891-7281Recreation
Kristian Pedersen Police Corporal 301-891-71015671Police
Keith Perry Equipment Maintenance Supervisor 301-891-7617Public Works
John Pitt Audio/Visual Specialist 301-891-7221Communications
Catherine Plevy Executive Assistant/Public Information Officer 301-891-7142Police
Richard Poole Police Sergeant 301-891-7106Police
Elizabeth Pugh Administrative Assistant 301-891-7625Public Works
David Quante Police Corporal 301-891-71015618Police
Jill Raymond Library Associate 301-891-7260Library
Elizabeth Rey Senior Accounting Assistant Finance
Kyle Robison Police Officer 301-891-71015616Police
Rohan Ross Sanitation Supervisor 301-891-7610Public Works
Josue Santos Police Officer Police
Terry J. Seamens Councilmember, Ward 4 301-565-0190City Council
Talisha Searcy Councilmember, Ward 6 202-339-7914City Council
Philip Shapiro Instructional Library Associate 301-891-7269Library
Thomas Sims Police Officer 301-891-71015621Police
Jarrett Smith Councilmember, Ward 5 301-960-7462City Council
Brendan Smith Arts Coordinator 301-891-7266Housing & Community Development
Kate Stewart Mayor 240-338-9333City Council
Aberash Teklhymanot Senior Accounting Assistant 301-891-7268Finance
Alisa Trammell Budget Specialist 301-891-7211Finance
Nima Upadhyay Special Projects Coordinator 301-891-7621Public Works
Jan Van Zutphen Urban Forest Manager 301-891-7612Public Works
Yeny Villalta Villatoro Arts & Humanities Intern 301-891-7266Housing & Community Development
Sofia Visurraga Customer Service & Passport Technician 301-891-7204Recreation
Alesha Wajid-Ali Human Resources Generalist 301-891-7240Human Resources
Peggye Washington Executive Assistant 301-891-7230City Manager
John Webster Recreation Manager 301-891-7225Recreation
Demetrice White Parking Enforcement Coordinator 301-891-7112Police
Grayce Wiggins Community Development Manager (Housing Division) 301-891-7222Housing & Community Development
Moses A. Wilds, Jr. Landlord/Tenant Mediator 301-891-7215Housing & Community Development
Gregory Wolff Police Corporal 301-891-7116Police
Donna Wright Communications Specialist 301-891-7236Communications
Bryan Yamasaki Administrative Assistant 301-891-7219Housing & Community Development
Altaywork Zeleke Instructional Library Associate 301-891-7269Library

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