Childcare Programs Canceled: 3/21

Due to the announcement by Montgomery County Public Schools that schools are closed 3/21, Takoma Park's childcare programs will also be canceled 3/21.

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Staff Directory

Staff Directory

First Name Last Name Position Email Phone Extension Department
Zamurd Abbas Systems Administrator 301-891-7238Information Systems
Kiros Alemseged Accounting Supervisor 301-891-7208Finance
Ellen Arnold-Robbins Library Director 301-891-7258Library
Andrea Artero Crime Analyst 301-891-7130Police
Ernest Atwell Police Officer 301-891-71015642Police
Duane Baravachia Supervisor, Neighborhood Services Division 301-891-7113Police
Thomas Black Police Corporal 301-891-71015617Police
Alexis Blackwell Human Resources Director 301-891-7201Human Resources
Kristen Boone Recreation Programs Manager 301-891-72827282Recreation
Richard Bowers Police Captain 301-891-7144Police
Daryl Braithwaite Public Works Director 301-891-7615Public Works
Rebecca Brown Library Manager - Public Services 301-891-7256Library
David Burbank Library Associate 301-891-7265Library
Joseph Butler Police Corporal 301-891-7111Police
Vince Cain Recreation Center Supervisor 301-891-7289Recreation
Alvaro Calabia Video Production Manager 301-981-7253Communications
Angelina Cannatella Photo Enforcement Analyst 301-891-7145Police
Lori Cannon HR Intern 301-891-7210Human Resources
Jessie Carpenter City Clerk 301-891-7267City Clerk
Ian Chamberlain Construction Manager 301-891-7611Public Works
Susan Cheung Finance Director 301-891-7242Finance
Richard Cipperly Police Sergeant 301-891-7117Police
Gregory Clark Recreation Director 301-891-7227Recreation
Lakyia Coles Logistics/Payroll Specialist 301-891-7134Police
Tyrone Collington Police Captain - Operations 301-891-7110Police
Cynthia Conrad Police Corporal 301-891-7140Police
Sara Anne Daines Community Development Director 301-891-7224Housing & Community Development
Jason Damweber Deputy City Manager 301-891-7202City Manager
Diana Dean Victim/Witness Coordinator 301-891-7147Police
Lars DeSalvio IT Manager (301) 891-7218Information Systems
Antonio DeVaul Police Chief 301-891-7104Police
Jeremy Dickey Media Specialist 301-891-7236Communications
Donna Drew Senior Accounting Assistant 301-891-7209Finance
Cindy Dyballa Councilmember, Ward 2 240-320-6494City Council
Mark Elfadl Police Officer 301-891-71015613Police
Jerome Erwin Police Sergeant 301-891-71015649Police
Elizabeth Ferry Library Associate 301-891-7257Library
Derek Fields Police Officer 301-891-71015676Police
Troy Fingal Right of Way Supervisor 301-891-7614Public Works
Crysla Flores Records Clerk 301-891-7133Police
Blanca Flores-Ramirez Building Maintenace Specialist 301-891-7618Public Works
Nicodemus Fontem Library Manager - Technical Services 301-891-7263Library
Daniel Frishkorn Police Captain - Support Services 301-891-7103Police
Danyelle Gallop Senior Police Dispatcher 301-891-7139Police
Jessica Garrison Police Officer 301-891-71015683Police
Kurt Gilbert Police Sergeant 301-891-7124Police
Evan Gittelman City Council Intern 301-891-7232City Clerk
Victor Glouchkov Police Officer 301-891-71015624Police
Maxsim Glushkov Police Officer 301-891-71015677Police
Jon Goldin Police Officer 301-891-71015660Police
Timothy Gratton Code Enforcement Officer 301-891-7243Police
Rosalind Grigsby Community Development Manager 301-891-7205Housing & Community Development
Kyle Hanlin Police Officer 301-891-71015637Police
Ron Hardy Emergency Preparedness/Police Planning 301-891-7126Police
Charles Hoetzel Police Sergeant 301-891-7127Police
Michelle Holmes Police Sergeant - Safe Speed 301-891-7148Police
Wanda Hsiung Library Shelver 301-891-7259Library
Keith Hubley Police Officer 301-891-71015681Police
Deborah Huffman Assistant Recreation Director 301-891-7226Recreation
Janet Jendrzejczyk Library Associate 301-891-7264Library
Byron Jimenez Police Officer 301-891-71015686Police
Patricia Johnson Code Enforcement Officer 301-891-7234Police
Ashley Johnson-Hare Community Development Manager 301-891-7222Housing & Community Development
Erin Kelley Grants Coordinator 301-891-7131Housing & Community Development
Jean Kerr Housing Specialist 301-891-7216Housing & Community Development
Ali Khalilian City Engineer 301-891-7620Public Works
Kacy Kostiuk Councilmember, Ward 3 240-204-4912City Council
Peter Kovar Councilmember, Ward 1 240-319-6281City Council
Michael Kurland Recreation Programs Supervisor - Kids/Camps 301-891-7285Recreation
Paula Lisowski Recreation Programs Coordinator - Seniors 301-891-7280Recreation
Suzanne Ludlow City Manager 301-891-7229City Manager
John Lupari Facility Maintenance Supervisor 301-891-7627Public Works
Karen MacPherson Library Manager - Children & Young Adult Services 301-891-7262Library
Patricia Mallin Licensing Specialist 301-891-7255Housing & Community Development
Leo Mangum Property & Evidence Clerk 301-891-7129Police
Bienvenido Martinez Audio/Visual Specialist 301-8991-7239Communications
Gina Mathias Sustainability Manager 301-891-7623Public Works
Sada Merriman Police Officer 301-891-71015649Police
Gene Miller Library Associate 301-891-7261Library
Leicia Monfort Recreation Programs Supervisor - Teens 301-891-7283Recreation
Apryl Motley Takoma Park Newsletter Editor Newsletter
Eric Mueller Police Officer 301-891-71015689Police
Danielle Murphy Administrative Assistant 301-891-7223Recreation
Matthew Muzzatti Police Officer 301-891-71015653Police
Irma Nalvarte Assistant City Clerk 301-891-7214City Clerk
Lucy Neher Safe Routes to School Coordinator 301-891-7235Housing & Community Development
Cesar Neyra Application & Hardware Administrator 301-891-7237Information Systems
Kathryn Nolfi Librarian 301-891-7259Library
Chelsea Nunez Recreation Specialist - Teens 301-891-7281Recreation
Kristian Pedersen Police Corporal 301-891-71015671Police
Keith Perry Equipment Maintenance Supervisor 301-891-7617Public Works
John Pitt Audio/Visual Specialist 301-891-7221Communications
Catherine Plevy Executive Assistant/Public Information Officer 301-891-7142Police
Richard Poole Police Sergeant 301-891-7106Police
Elizabeth Pugh Administrative Assistant 301-891-7625Public Works
David Quante Police Corporal 301-891-71015618Police
Jill Raymond Library Associate 301-891-7260Library
Kyle Robison Police Officer 301-891-71015616Police
Roberto Rodriguez Police Corporal - Safe Speed 301-891-7141Police
Rohan Ross Sanitation Supervisor 301-891-7610Public Works
Josue Santos Police Officer Police
Terry J. Seamens Councilmember, Ward 4 301-565-0190City Council
Talisha Searcy Councilmember, Ward 6 202-339-7914City Council
Philip Shapiro Instructional Library Associate 301-891-7269Library
Thomas Sims Police Officer 301-891-71015621Police
Jarrett Smith Councilmember, Ward 5 301-960-7462City Council
Brendan Smith Arts Coordinator 301-891-7266Housing & Community Development
Kate Stewart Mayor 240-338-9333City Council
Aberash Teklhymanot Senior Accounting Assistant 301-891-7268Finance
Alisa Trammell Budget Specialist 301-891-7211Finance
Nima Upadhyay Special Projects Coordinator 301-891-7621Public Works
Jan Van Zutphen Urban Forest Manager 301-891-7612Public Works
Yeny Villalta Villatoro Arts & Humanities Intern 301-891-7266Housing & Community Development
Sofia Visurraga Customer Service & Passport Technician 301-891-7204Recreation
Alesha Wajid-Ali Human Resources Generalist 301-891-7203Human Resources
Peggye Washington Executive Assistant 301-891-7230City Manager
John Webster Recreation Facilities & Fields Manager 301-891-7225Recreation
Demetrice White Parking Enforcement Coordinator 301-891-7112Police
Moses A. Wilds, Jr. Landlord/Tenant Mediator 301-891-7215Housing & Community Development
Teddy Woldesemayat Accounting Assistant 301-891-7206Finance
Gregory Wolff Police Corporal 301-891-7116Police
Bryan Yamasaki Administrative Assistant 301-891-7219Housing & Community Development
Altaywork Zeleke Instructional Library Associate 301-891-7269Library

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