Fair Summary of Proposed Charter Amendment Resolution - Voting and Elections


Thursday, June 6, 2013

This is to give notice that on May 13, 2013, the Council of the City of Takoma Park adopted Charter Amendment Resolution No. 2013-1 which amends Article III, the Council, and Article VI, Registration, Nominations, and Elections, of the Takoma Park Charter.

This Charter Amendment will become effective on July 2, 2013 unless petitioned to referendum by 20 percent of the registered voters of the City on or before June 22, 2013.

Substantive revisions to the language of the Charter include: Sections 302 and 304 - Clarifies maintenance of the minimum age of 18 for election as Mayor or Councilmember; Section 601(a) - Reduces the minimum voting age to 16 on the date of the election and reduces the residency requirement for voting from 30 days to 21 days before an election; Section 601(b) - Permits voter registration by persons who are no longer imprisoned but remain on parole or probation after having been convicted of a felony; Section 603(b) - Clarifies that a non-U.S. citizen need only meet the qualifications set forth in Section 601 in order to be eligible to vote in City elections; Section 603(c) - Establishes a supplemental voter registry for residents convicted of a felony and serving a term of parole or probation (similar to the registry established for non-U.S. Citizen voters); Section 603(d) - Closes voter registration through the Montgomery County Board of Elections on the 21st day before an election instead of the 30th day before an election; Section 603(e) - Allows for registration for an upcoming election to continue from the 20th day before an election through election day by registering with the City Clerk; Section 604(e) - Clarifies that residents not yet registered may participate in the Nominating Caucus by registering to vote with the City Clerk before the Caucus begins; and Section 609 - Establishes early voting for every City election.

For further information, contact the City Clerk, 301-891-7267 or JessieC@takomaparkmd.gov.