Proposed Revisions to the Housing Code


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The City Council is considering a number of changes to the Takoma Park Code, Title 6, Housing. These changes include, for example, an expanded definition of rent, clarification of when and how utility costs may be transferred to a tenant, and minor modifications to rent stabilization. Among the changes being considered are two new provisions. The first provision would require landlords to distribute city-provided electoral information to new tenants. The second provision would, with restrictions, require landlords to allow candidates for office to have access to multi-unit rental buildings to canvass individual tenants.

We invite you to comment on the proposed changes and encourage you to participate in the public discussion. 

The revisions to each chapter may be viewed at these links:

You may also review a PDF icon "clean" copy of all these chapters along with a summary of the more significant changes (PDF), which was prepared for the May 20, 2013 public hearing.

Please note that these are DRAFTS. Staff is in the process of updating the cross references to sections within the Code.  It should also be noted that the text continues to be re-worked as comments come in.

Interested persons may comment in writing to the City Clerk at or speak during public comments at the beginning of any City Council meeting. Written comments will be shared with the Council and staff and added to the record. The revisions to Title 6 are tentatively scheduled for adoption by the City Council on July 8 and 22.