Resolutions | City of Takoma Park City Council

The City Council adopts two types of resolutions: simple and substantive. Resolutions are adopted by the affirmative vote of a majority of Councilmembers present at a meeting.

Simple resolutions are not law, but may establish a policy or express the opinion of the Council. Resolutions are often used to appoint members to committees and task forces, set forth positions of support or opposition of the City government on a particular subject, provide direction to the City Manager to take an action, authorize the Mayor to enter into an agreement with other government entities on behalf of the City, or express congratulations or condolences. Simple resolutions are adopted by Council vote at one meeting.

Substantive resolutions have the force and effect of law. For example, substantive resolutions are adopted to amend the City Charter or annex an area into the City. Substantive resolutions are adopted by Council vote at two meetings.

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