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Takoma Park Police Department


Fire & Rescue: 911
Police Services Outside of Takoma Park: 911

Phone (Non-Emergency):

Main: 301-270-1100
Fax: 301-270-1230


Email NOT monitored 24 hours/day and may require up to 48 hours for a response. To report an event, suspicious activity, or crime in progress call the Takoma Park Police D​epartment dispatch center at 301-270-1100.


Takoma Park Police Department
City of Takoma Park
7500 Maple Avenue
Takoma Park, MD 20912

Hours & Location:

Always Open
Community Center (MAP
1st Floor

Takoma Park Police Department | Staff Directory

Last Name First Name Positionsort descending Email Phone Extension Department
Coles Lakyia Administrative Services Logistics / Payroll 301-891-7134 Police
White Demetrice Administrative Services Parking Enforcement Coordinator 301-891-7112 Police
Flores Crysla Administrative Services Records 301-891-7133 Police
Gallop Danyelle Administrative Services Warrants 301-891-7139 Police
Cannatella Angelina Automated Traffic Enforcement 301-891-7122 Police
Bowers Richard Captain, Administrative Services Commander 301-891-7144 Police
Collington Tyrone Captain, Operations Division Commander 301-891-7110 Police
Frishkorn Dan Captain, Support Services Commander 301-891-7103 Police
Van Wagenen Jack Command Staff Research / Policy 301-891-7131 Police
Mathew Darrell Communications Dispatcher 301-891-7101 5682 Police
Pegues Jasmine Communications Dispatcher 301-891-7101 5625 Police
Rosencrans Kelly Communications Dispatcher 301-891-7101 5680 Police
Pedersen Kristian Corporal 301-891-7101 5671 Police
Black Thomas Corporal 301-891-7101 5617 Police
Poole Richard Corporal 301-891-7127 Police
Cannatella Rick Corporal 301-891-7145 Police
Rodriguez Roberto Corporal 301-891-7141 Police
Wolff Gregory Corporal 301-891-7116 Police
Erwin Jerome Corporal 301-891-7101 5649 Police
Hoetzel Charles Corporal 301-891-7101 5613 Police
Conrad Cyndy Corporal, Communications 301-891-7140 Police
Hardy Ron Emergency Preparedness Manager Police
Rojas Roberto Nuisance Abatement 301-891-7101 5641 Police
Goldberg Alan Police Chief 301-891-7104 Police
Garrison Jessica Police Dispatcher 301-891-7101 5683 Police
Molina Yohanna Police Dispatcher Police
Bushman Daniel Police Dispatcher Police
Cheng Yu-Wen Private 301-891-7101 5686 Police
Glushkov Maxsim Private Police
Greenbauer Bradley Private Police
Muzzatti Matthew Private Police
Jimenez Byron Private 301-891-7101 5686 Police
Ala Travis Private First Class 301-891-7101 7146 Police
Atwell Ernest Private First Class 301-891-7101 5642 Police
Mueller Eric Private First Class 301-891-7101 5689 Police
Barber Matthew Private First Class 301-891-7101 5659 Police
Butler Joseph Private First Class 301-891-7101 5646 Police
Quante David Private First Class 301-891-7101 5618 Police
Robison Kyle Private First Class 301-891-7101 5616 Police
Sims Thomas Private First Class 301-891-7101 5621 Police
Demuth Jeffrey Private First Class 301-891-7101 5637 Police
Fields Derek Private First Class 301-891-7101 5676 Police
Gaines-Brown Abigail Private First Class 301-891-7111 Police
Godlewski Michal Private First Class 301-891-7101 5623 Police
Goldin Jon Private First Class 301-891-7101 5660 Police
Hubley Keith Private First Class 301-891-7101 5681 Police
Marable Peter Private First Class 301-891-7101 5628 Police
Mangum Leo Property / Evidence 301-891-7129 Police
Plevy Cathy Public Information Officer / Executive Assistant 301-891-7142 Police
Cipperly Richard Sergeant 301-891-7127 Police
Smith Tina Sergeant 301-891-7106 Police
Holmes Michelle Sergeant 301-891-7106 Police
John Andrew Sergeant 301-891-7148 Police
Gilbert Kurt Sergeant, Automated Traffic Enforcement 301-891-7124 Police
Fontem Nic Technical Services Coordinator 301-891-7263 Police
Dean Diana Victim / Witness Services 301-891-7147 Police