Arts & Humanities Commission

About the Arts & Humanities Commission

From Takoma Park Municipal Code 2.16.150:

The purpose of the Takoma Park Arts and Humanities Commission shall be as follows:

  1. To advise the City Council on ways in which the City might best serve the public with regard to matters involving the arts;
  2. To encourage and aid the appreciation and awareness of, and participation in, the arts among all Takoma Park residents;
  3. To encourage cooperation and coordination among individuals, organizations and institutions concerned with the arts in Takoma Park;
  4. To facilitate employment opportunities for artists and the development of self-sustaining arts programs. (Ord. 2003-1 § 1 (part), 2003)

Arts & Humanities Commission Membership

The Commission shall consist of a minimum of 7 and maximum of 15 persons appointed by the City Council. A minimum of 2/3 of the members must reside in the City of Takoma Park. Every effort shall be made to have a broad and diverse representation of the fine and performing arts community and of cultural organizations on the Commission.

Arts & Humanities Commission Members

First NameLast NameWard
M. CharlenePorter3
Table: Current Arts and Humanities Commission members. Table maintained by Sara Anne Daines, Community Development Director. (

Arts & Humanities Commission Meetings

The Arts and Humanities Commission generally meets on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 7:00 PM in the Takoma Park Community Center – Sam Abbott Citizens’ Center located  at 7500 Maple Avenue, Takoma Park, MD 20912. Meeting dates and agenda deadlines are posted on the City Council, Board, Commission & Committee Calendar page.

Changes of location or date will be posted in the Community Center and noted on the City Council, Board, Commission & Committee Calendar page.

Arts & Humanities Commission Agendas & Approved Minutes

DateDocument Type / DescriptionTitle & Link (PDF)
2015-10-27Meeting AgendaOctober 27, 2015 TPAHC Meeting Agenda
2015-09-29Meeting AgendaSeptember 29, 2015 TPAHC Cultural Plan Committee Meeting Agenda
2015-07-28Meeting AgendaJuly 28, 2015 TPAHC Meeting Agenda
2015-06-23Meeting MinutesJune 23, 2015 TPAHC Meeting Minutes
2015-06-23Meeting AgendaJune 23, 2015 TPAHC Work Session Meeting Agenda
2015-04-28Meeting MinutesApril 28, 2015 TPAHC Meeting Minutes
2015-04-28Meeting AgendaApril 28, 2015 TPAHC Meeting Agenda
2015-03-31Meeting AgendaMarch 31, 2015 TPAHC Work Session Meeting Agenda
2015-03-31Meeting MinutesMarch 31, 2015 TPAHC Meeting Minutes
2015-02-03Meeting AgendaFebruary 03, 2015 TPAHC Meeting Agenda
2015-02-03Meeting MinutesFebruary 03, 2015 TPAHC Meeting Minutes
Table: Arts & Humanities Commission Agendas & Approved Minutes.

Arts & Humanities Commission Reports & Other Documents

DateDocument Type / DescriptionTitle & Link (PDF)
2014Annual Report2014 TPAHC Annual Report
Table: Arts & Humanities Commission Reports & Other Documents.

Contact the Arts & Humanities Commission

Phone: 301-891-7220

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