Committee on the Environment

The Takoma Park Committee on the Environment serves in an official advisory and coordination role to the City Council on all matters related to environmental sustainability, protection and restoration.

The committee was established pursuant to Chapter 2.16, Article 7. Committee on the Environment.

Statement of Purpose

  • To advise the City Council on all environmental issues, including, but not limited to, stormwater management, greenhouse gas reduction, air quality, tree protection, open space conservation, biodiversity, watershed functioning and restoration, energy use, transportation, energy conservation, and recycling;
  • To serve in partnership with the City Council and Takoma Park City staff to work together to achieve sustainability and other environmental certifications that may help the City meet and be recognized for its environmental goals.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Committee shall review and provide advice on City and community actions that affect environmental quality. The Committee may review resolutions, legislation, regulations, and published policies, guidance, administrative actions, plans, and program activities that may affect environmental quality. In furtherance of these duties, the Committee shall attempt to accomplish the following:

  1. Assist the Council in the development and improvement of policies and programming that could help the City achieve its sustainability and environmental goals;
  2. Help inspire and lead community efforts and involvement in environmental sustainability and environmental protection and restoration;
  3. Assist the Council in technical and policy direction and in setting priorities for environmental projects;
  4. Help Takoma Park secure and maintain recognition as a leader in sustainability in Maryland;
  5. Work with City staff and serve as a basis of community partnership to advance on environmental programs and projects; and
  6. Prepare an annual report to the Council on the activities of the Committee and provide additional briefings as needed.


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