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City Council Meetings

The Takoma Park City Council meets in the Takoma Park Community Center – Sam Abbott Citizens’ Center located at 7500 Maple Avenue. Meetings are generally held every Monday unless the city council is on recess or a Monday falls on a holiday; meetings then move to the next available weekday. The council generally takes a recess for a period of time in August and December.

All meetings of the council are open to the public unless closed in conformance with the Maryland Open Meetings Act. Public comments are welcome at the beginning of each meeting.

Meeting Agendas and Agenda Packets

The Upcoming Events section below will include links to upcoming meeting agendas. Links to the agenda will allow the user to view the agenda and background information prepared for the council in advance of the meeting. Additional information presented at the meeting may be added afterwards.

City Council Rolling Agenda

Takoma Park publishes a rolling agenda that includes a list of future City Council meetings with tentative agendas, along with a schedule of Council-appointed board, commission and committee meetings.

Weekly Agenda Email

Sign up to receive a weekly email of the City Council meeting agenda and current rolling agenda.

Watch a City Council Meeting

Meetings are broadcast live by Takoma Park City TV via local cable providers (RCN, Verizon and Comcast) and are also streamed live on this website via the links found later on this page.

How to View City Council Meetings

City Council meetings and special events related to the Takoma Park City Council may be viewed live online via the Takoma Park City TV media portal or on cable television; Takoma Park is carried regionally on RCN, Verizon and Comcast. Check with your cable provider for the correct channel listing.

A link to watch a meeting in progress will also appear under the Upcoming Events section below.

Meeting videos are archived and available for review online anytime.

Archived City Council Meetings & Media

The city council media archive currently goes back to 2006. Use the Archived Meetings interface below for links to past meetings, agendas and minutes. City Council meeting minutes are posted after adoption.

How to Attend or Comment at a City Council Meeting

Below is a guide for residents who wish to attend or comment at city council meetings.  Participation is encouraged and is a great way to have a voice in how decisions are made in Takoma Park.

Types of Council Meetings

There are two kinds of city council meetings: legislative sessions and work sessions. Legislative sessions are generally held on the second and fourth Mondays of the month. At legislative sessions, the council votes on ordinances and resolutions.

Work sessions are generally held on the first and third Mondays of the month, but may also be held on other Mondays after a legislative session. At work sessions, the council discusses issues that may become future legislative items, but does not take formal votes.

City Council Meeting Details & How To Comment

Council meetings begin at 7:00 PM or 7:30 PM.

Presentations and public hearings are typically scheduled to begin at 7:00 PM.

Public comments begin at 7:30 PM. The mayor will announce the opportunity to comment. Comments are first accepted on legislative items scheduled for a vote that evening. Following that, comments may be made on other matters.

Speaking at the Podium

When speaking at a city council meeting, stand at the podium towards the front of the auditorium. The microphone will ensure that your comments are heard.  State your name and address for the record. If you cannot come to the podium, staff will provide a microphone for you,

Comments are generally limited to three minutes. The timer light on the podium will be green when you begin speaking, turn yellow when you have 30 seconds remaining, and turn red when time is up. The purpose of the time limit is to allow everyone who wants to speak to have an opportunity to do so in a timely manner. The council wants to hear from everyone who wishes to speak.

Public Hearings

The council may hold public hearings on an issue, usually at 7:00 PM. Public hearings are a more structured way for the council to accept public comment. For public hearings, speakers are asked to sign up in order to speak. Speakers will be called to the podium to speak in the order they signed up. Once all speakers who signed up are heard, the mayor will provide the opportunity for others in the audience to testify.

Submitting Comments in Writing

Comments may be submitted in writing for any meeting or public hearing. Written testimony will be copied to the Council and included in the official record of the hearing or meeting.

ADA Compliance Notice

The City of Takoma Park is committed to ensuring that individuals with disabilities are able to fully participate in public meetings. Anyone planning to attend a City of Takoma Park public meeting or public hearing, and who wishes to receive auxiliary aids, services or accommodations is invited to contact Emily Cohen by phone at 301-891-7266 or by email, at least 48 hours in advance.

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