The City Council adopts ordinances to amend, affect, or repeal City law or to authorize the appropriation of City funds above a limit defined in the Takoma Park Code. Prior to the beginning of each fiscal year, the City Council adopts the City Budget by ordinance.

Ordinances are numbered sequentially in the year they are introduced. Ordinances adopted prior to 2015 are on file in the City Clerk’s Office and are currently not available online. Please use the drop down menu to select the year you wish to view. All ordinance entries link to PDF files.

Ordinances for the Current Calendar Year

City Council Ordinances - 2015

Adopted DateOrdinance NumberOrdinance Title & Link (PDF)
2015-01-052015-01Awarding a Contract for Services for Development of a Concept Plan for the Takoma Park Recreation Center Site
2015-01-052015-02Awarding a Contract for a New Hampshire Avenue Recreation Center Study
2015-01-262015-03Amending Takoma Park Code, Title 8, Business, to Add Chapter 8.44, Filming and Photography
2015-01-122015-04Authorization to Purchase Replacement Police Communications Voice/Data Recorder
2015-01-262015-05Authorizing the City Manager to Execute a Contract for Computers, Software, and Support for the Computer Learning Center and Library
2015-01-262015-06Awarding a Contract for Government Services Time and Attendance Software
2015-01-262015-07Award of Contract for Upgrading City TV Equipment to High Definition and Related Improvements
2015-02-092015-08Awarding a Contract to Bywater Solutions for a New Integrated Library System for the Takoma Park Maryland Library
2015-02-092015-09Authorizing the Mayor to Execute a Contract for Municipal Legal Services (City Attorney)
2015-03-092015-10Award of Contract for Landscape and Field Maintenance Services
2015-04-132015-11FY 2015 Budget Amendment No. 3
2015-04-132015-12Authorizing the Installation of Traffic Calming Devices in the 7700 Block of Garland Avenue
2015-03-232015-13Authorization to Purchase Replacement Mobile Computers for the Police Department
2015-03-232015-14Contract for Comprehensive Engineering Services
2015-04-132015-15Authorizing Purchase of Replacement Computer Work Stations for the Communications Department
2015-04-132015-16Authorization to Purchase Three Replacement Police Vehicles
2015-04-272015-17Authorizing Expenditure for Flower Avenue Street Light Conversion
2015-04-272015-18Authorizing a Contract for Telephone Services
2015-05-182015-19An Ordinance Establishing the Tax Rates for Fiscal Year 2016, Beginning July 1, 2015 and Ending June 30, 2016
2015-05-182015-20An Ordinance Approving and Adopting the Stormwater Management Budget for Fiscal Year 2016, Beginning July 1, 2015 and Ending June 30, 2016
2015-05-182015-21An Ordinance Approving and Adopting the Budget for Fiscal Year 2016, Beginning July 1, 2015 and Ending June 30, 2016
2015-05-112015-22Contract for Comprehensive Home Energy Efficiency Services
2015-06-082015-23Ordinance Awarding Contract for Landscaping Services for Crossroads Green Space
2015-06-082015-24Awarding a Contract for Purchase of a Pre-Mix Asphalt Heater
2015-06-082015-25Authorizing a Contract for Landscape Maintenance for Bio-Retention and Other Planted Areas
2015-07-062015-26City Of Takoma Park, Maryland Infrastructure Bonds, 2015 Series A
2015-06-222015-27An Ordinance Adopting a Pay Structure for Staff of The City Of Takoma Park
2015-07-132015-28Amending Takoma Park Code, Title 5, Elections: Ch. 5.04 General Provisions, Ch. 5.12 Fair Election Practices, Ch. 5.16 Voting, Ch. 5.20 Absentee Voting, and Ch. 5.22 Provisional Ballots
2015-06-222015-29Authorizing Payment of Grant Funds to Montgomery College for The FY15 Aces Program (Achieving Collegiate Excellence And Success)
2015-07-062015-30Selecting the Law Firm Of Bregman, Berbert, Schwartz & Gilday, LLC for the Takoma Junction Redevelopment Project and Authorizing the City Manager to Retain the Law Firm
2015-07-272015-31FY 2016 Budget Amendment No. 1
2015-07-132015-32Adventist Community Services of Greater Washington – Lunch and Learn Summer Camp
2015-07-272015-33Amending the Takoma Park Code Title 10. Refuse, and Title 6, Housing, to Modernize The City’s Residential Recycling Policies and Require Businesses To Recycle - Ordinance 2015-33
2015-07-202015-34Authorizing a Grant Agreement with Takoma Park Presbyterian Church for a Shared-Use Community Commercial Kitchen
2015-07-272015-35Authorizing Award of FY16 Community Grant Funds
2015-07-272015-36Authorizing a Contract with the Lukmire Partnership for Continued Concept Design and Potential Detailed Design and Engineering for Library Renovation
2015-07-272015-37Authorizing Execution of a Contract for Economic Development Services with Old Takoma Business Association, Inc.
2015-07-272015-38Authorizing Execution of a Contract for Economic Development Services with Takoma/Langley Crossroads Development Authority, Inc.
2015-07-272015-39Authorization to Purchase Mobile Computers for the Police Department
2015-07-272015-40Authorization for Taser International Body Camera and Replacement ECD Contract
2015-07-272015-41Authorization to Purchase One Replacement Police Vehicle
2015-07-272015-42Authorization to Purchase Seven Replacement Ford Vehicles for the Police Department
2015-07-272015-43Authorization to Purchase And Install Equipment for Six Police Vehicles
2015-09-282015-442015 Takoma Park City Election
2015-09-152015-45Awarding a Contract for Purchase of Two Replacement dump Trucks
2015-09-152015-46Contract for Finance Office Furniture
2015-09-152015-47Authorizing Purchase of Portable Video Equipment for City TV
2015-09-152015-48Authorizing Execution of a Contract for Editing Services for the Takoma Park Newsletter
2015-10-122015-49Amending the Takoma Park Code, Title 16, Stormwater, to Facilitate the Relating to Public Property
2015-09-282015-50Contract for Purchase of Trash Receptacle, Recycling Receptacles, and Benches for Flower Avenue
2015-10-292015-51Amending Takoma Park Code, Chapter 2.04 to Provide for Adjustments to the Salary and Compensation of the Mayor and Councilmembers
2015-11-092015-52Authorizing the City to Enter into an Agreeemnt with Montgomery Housing Partnership, Inc for Payment in Lieu of Taxes for Hillwood Manor Apartments in Takoma Park, Maryland
2015-11-092015-53Authorizing the Installation of Traffic Calming Devices on the 600-700 Block of Boston Avenue
2015-11-092015-54Amending the Takoma Park Code to revise the sections on snow emergencies and snow removal
2015-10-292015-55Authorizing Purchase of Cameras for City TV
2015-11-092015-56Authorizing the Execution of a Contract for Services
2015-12-072015-57Authorzing the Purchase of Playground Equipment for Colby Park Tot Lot
2015-12-072015-58Award of Contract for Playground Construction at Colby Park Tot Lot
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