Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) | Human Resources

I want a job with the City of Takoma Park but there not many vacancies; how do I start a career with the City of Takoma Park?

Volunteer! Volunteering is an excellent way to learn how each City department operates. For more information on volunteer opportunities please call 301-891-7100. (Volunteering does not guarantee employment with the City.)

Where do I find out about the employment opportunities within the City of Takoma Park?

You can visit us in person at the Human Resources Department on the third floor of the Community Center located at 7500 Maple Avenue. You can also view all current openings here or by using the "Careers" link on the department menu.

How do I apply for a position?

Please go to the Human Resources Career page for instructions.

If I want to apply for more than one job, do I have to file more than one application?

Yes. A separate employment application is required for each job. However, you may apply for as many jobs as you wish.

Must I live within the City boundaries to apply for a job with the City of Takoma Park?


How do I find out about the job duties, requirements and type of exam?

Each job for which we are recruiting has an Employment Opportunity Announcement. The Employment Opportunity Announcement is an excellent source of information that lists the salary, duties of the job, associated tests to be given, special requirements and the date by which applications must be submitted. A job’s education and experience requirements are stated on the Employment Opportunity Announcement. Read the requirements carefully. The job may require certain education and/or experience, a license and/or certification and knowledge and/or ability in specific areas. This information is helpful in determining if you meet the requirements of the job. Some recruitment is subject to closing without notice. In these cases, your application should be completed and returned promptly. Interviews may be conducted by the hiring supervisor while recruitment is in progress.

How does the Human Resources Office determine if I qualify for this job?

Generally, the Human Resources Manager or the Hiring Manager reviews applications to evaluate a candidate’s education and experience and determine if he/she is qualified to do the job. It is very important that you complete the application materials thoroughly. Your qualifications will be evaluated based on the information you provide on the application and supplements. Therefore, be sure to include paid and voluntary work experience. Also, include other information that is relevant to the job, such as licenses, professional affiliations, classes you have taken, training you have received, and all other special qualifications. Because the City of Takoma Park usually receives a large number of applications for each recruitment, the evaluation process can take several weeks. Please be patient. We want to give each application the consideration it deserves.

What should I do if I am called for a selection interview?

Be sure you know:

  • The time and place to appear for the interview
  • The telephone number to call if you cannot make it or will be delayed
  • The name of the person who contacted you
  • To whom you should report for the interview
  • How long the interview is scheduled to last
  • The job for which you are being considered

If you may need a special accommodation in the interview, request it prior to the interview. Before the interview, review your application; the Employment Opportunity Announcement and the job description. Be prepared to discuss your training and/or work experience and how it relates to the job for which you are interviewing. During the interview, listen carefully to the questions. Your answers should cover everything your interviewer needs to know to evaluate you fairly. If you are unable to attend an interview, contact the hiring department prior to the interview. Failure to do so may cause you not to be considered for the position.

What happens if I am selected?

For many City of Takoma Park jobs, offers are made conditionally, pending a driver's license check, medical examination, and/or a background investigation. If you are currently working, DO NOT quit your job until ALL steps have been completed.

What if I am not interviewed or selected?

Do not be discouraged if you do not get an interview or a job offer the first time you apply. Competition for City of Takoma Park jobs is great. Our objective is to hire the best person for the job. If you are not successful in getting a job, please continue to check our website for employment opportunities.

Equal Opportunity/Reasonable Accommodation employer statement: The City of Takoma Park does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, sex, age, disability, national origin, or sexual orientation. All individuals are encouraged to apply for jobs with the City of Takoma Park.

Are there other area personnel departments?

Yes, please see the list below.

  • City of College Park: Website external link icon | 240-487-3533
  • City of Gaithersburg: Website external link icon | 301-258-6327
  • City of Greenbelt: Website  external link icon | 301-345-7203
  • City of Rockville: Website  external link icon | 301-309-3000
  • District of Columbia: Website  external link icon | 202-442-9700
  • Montgomery County Human Resources Office: Website external link icon | 240-777-0311
  • Prince George’s County Personnel Office: Website external link icon | 301-883-6330
  • State of Maryland: Website external link icon
  • United States Federal Government: Website external link icon