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Takoma Junction Redevelopment

Following a lengthy solicitation and evaluation process, the City Council selected Neighborhood Development Company (NDC) to redevelop the Takoma Junction City-owned parking lot. The Development Agreement, executed by the City and NDC in August 2016, establishes the framework for the project and identifies the actions required to proceed with the planned development. On July 25, 2018, the City Council endorsed NDC’s Draft Combined Plan, adopting Resolution 2018-41 authorizing the firm to proceed to the next phase of the development process.

The City’s goals are for the project to act as a stimulus to the commercial district and locally-owned,  independent businesses; improve the aesthetic appeal of the district; and be contextually sensitive and environmentally sustainable.

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A pre-submission public meeting was held Tuesday, November 27, 2018  at the Takoma Park Middle School to review the proposed Site Plan and Preliminary Plan applications. Presentation slides.

The pre-submission meeting, as required by the Montgomery County Development Review process, is no more than 90 calendar days before the initial application date. “The purpose of the meeting is to explain the proposed project, address concerns about its impact on the community, and notify those attending of their right to participate in the review process.” (4.B. Pre-submission Public Meeting:   http://www.montgomeryplanning.org/info/documents/DevReviewProcedures.pdf)

The plans, including the level of detail for the pre-submission meeting, look like the plans approved by Council. Through the County Development Review, the details regarding specific issues (traffic impact, fire and rescue, pedestrian crossing, etc.) will be worked out with the various agencies participating in the review. Aspects of the plan may change in response to the feedback and requirements of the agencies.  When the plan is submitted to the County and accepted,  the County will post documents on their website: www.montgomeryplanning.org

Opportunity to Comment on Project

Community members are encouraged to provide comment on the project. Written comments for the record may be submitted online for distribution to the City Council and posting on the website.  There is also an opportunity for public comment during the City Council meetings.

NDC and TPSS Co-op reach Agreement on Reasonable Accommodations, October 2018

NDC and the Takoma Park Silver Spring Co-op (TPSS Co-op) issued a joint statement on October 16, 2018 announcing that they have reached agreement on a set of reasonable accommodations for TPSS operations before, during and after the construction of the Takoma Junction redevelopment project: the AnnouncementTerms of Cooperation Agreement” (Term Sheet) and Full Cooperation Agreement.

Contact Info

Housing and Community Development
Phone: 301-891-7119
Email: planning@takomaparkmd.gov

Conceptual rendering April 2018

Project  Costs

$89,630 (Legal fees – July 2015 to present)
$42,500 (Traffic Study – 2018)
$  5,000 (Mediation between NDC and TPSS Co-op – 2018)

Project Schedule

Development Calendar: Updated August 6, 2018

Detailed Project Schedule: Updated July 13, 2018

Project Timeline
  • Summer 2020
    Montgomery County permits issued
  • Fall 2019
    Montgomery County development review approval of site plan
  • Fall 2018
    Site Plan submitted to Montgomery County for development review
  • July 25, 2018
    Approval of Site Plan
  • October 25, 2017
    Approval of Concept Plan
  • July 27, 2016
    Approval of Development Agreement
  • April 13, 2015
    Selection of development partner
  • January 2014
    Release of Request for Proposals
Council Decisions

July 25, 2018
Council discussed and voted on a Resolution authorizing NDC to submit the Takoma Junction Site Plan to the Montgomery County Planning. Agenda; Video of Council Meeting; Resolution.

November 29, 2017
Council discussed and voted on a Single Reading Ordinance Authorizing a Contract to Augment the Traffic Study for the Takoma Junction Redevelopment. The City study includes traffic generated by the Hospital, the Community Center, and cut-through traffic, among other things. Agenda; Video of Council Meeting; Presentation Slides; Ordinance

October 25, 2017
Council passed a Resolution regarding the Neighborhood Development Concept Plan. Agenda; Video of Council Meeting; Resolution

January 11, 2017
Council passed a Resolution authorizing NDC to seek a Letter of Intent with a new anchor tenant for the Takoma Junction  project.  Agenda; Video of Council Meeting;  Presentation Slides; Resolution.

December 7, 2016
Council passed a Resolution granting a 30-day extension period for the Letter of Intent between NDC and the TPSS Co-op.  Agenda; Video of Council Meeting; Resolution.

July 27, 2016
Council passed a Resolution authorizing execution of the  Development Agreement and a Resolution establishing the Community Consultation Process Advisory Committee.  Agenda; Video of Council Meeting; Development Agreement.

April 13, 2015
Council passed a resolution authorizing the initiation of negotiations with Neighborhood Development Company, LLC for the redevelopment of the City lot at the Takoma Junction. Resolution.

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