Current Projects

The City of Takoma Park Public Works Department is currently working on the following projects. For more information on individual pojects happening in the City of Takoma Park read the items below.

If you have any questions please contact the Public Works Department.

Notice of Street Work

Notice of Street Work

The City of Takoma Park yearly resurfacing work has now begun. The milling and paving schedule for next week is listed below:
Streets to be Milled:
10/5 Monday - Houston Court
10/6 Tuesday - Garland Avenue
Streets to be Paved:
10/5 Monday - Albany Avenue, Hodges Lane, and possibly the 7500 Block of Holly
10/6 Tuesday - Holly Avenue (from Hodges Lane to Eastern Avenue)
10/7 Wednesday - Holly Avenue (from Hodges Lane to Eastern Avenue)
and Erskine Street
10/8 Thursday - Flower Avenue (from Carroll Avenue to Sligo Creek Parkway)
10/9 Friday - Houston Court
We anticipate the work to be completed by October 14. However, the schedule can at times change due to inclement weather and/or mechanical issues. The contractor will post No Parking signs on each street prior to the work. 
Street Work by Utility Companies
WSSC's contractor, MT Laney, will begin paving 15 street segments that they previously milled. The work begun this week on September 28 and is estimated to be done in two weeks. The contractor will post no parking signs on the streets prior to the work. The streets are in the southern portion of the City, south of Elm Avenue, between Poplar and Westmoreland Avenue.
The Washington Gas contractor, Eastern Paving, has milled the surface from Park Avenue to Westmoreland Avenue on Carroll. The paving is expected to be done by Thursday or Friday 10/1 or 10/2. 


Contact Us

Ian Chamberlain
Construction Manager
Phone: 301-891-7611

Ali Khalilian
City Engineer
Phone: 301-891-7620

Georgetown University Energy Prize Competition

Help Takoma Park Win $5 MILLION!

Takoma Park is among an elite group of 50 communities competing for the Georgetown University Energy Prize, and the only Maryland community competing!

The Georgetown University Energy Prize is a national competition for communities leading the way in energy efficiency and conservation. The five million dollar prize will be awarded to the community that has the largest reductions in municipal and residential energy use, using the most innovative and replicable methods.

How YOU can help us win!

 1. Join the Neighborhood Energy Challenge. 

We are putting up a $2,000 prize for the neighborhood team that has the most homes Green Home Certified with the biggest reductions in energy use. The prize may be used towards a project to benefit the winning neighborhood - such as new community gardens, recycling toters, benches, or helping neighbors in need. 

  • Prizes, rewards, and incentives will be given out throughout the year, so do not wait to register your neighborhood team!
  • Separate $2,000 prize for multifamily buildings, and a special certification for renters. Everyone can participate!

2Reduce your energy use at home & work in Takoma Park!!

Get Green Home Certified. The city’s Sustainability Manager can coach you through the process of reducing energy use and saving money. Once you complete enough actions, get Light Green, Medium Green, or Dark Green Certified to earn awards and points for the Neighborhood Energy Challenge. The darker green you achieve, the more points your team earns.

 3. Be a neighborhood energy champion.

Talk to your neighbors about energy efficiency. Volunteer with the Sustainability Team and help with mailing, canvassing, and events. Host an energy party at your home, church, or school and the Sustainability Manager can make a presentation, give recommendations, and even coordinate local experts to attend. Sign up below.

Map of Competing Communities 


Did you know you can check out an Energy Use Meter from the Takoma Park library? 

Energy Use Meters calculate in real time how much electricity and money your appliances and devices use, even when not turned on.

Additonal Services to help you help Takoma Park win:

  • Energy Coaching service can help you select energy auditors and contractors, review audit reports and recommendations, find “next level” energy savings, and help you navigate rebate and incentive programs - including Pepco's Home Performance with Energy Star program. Contact Gina Mathias:

YOUR actions make a difference! Check out how regular school kids are making a big impact around the country:

What the CITY is doing to lower its energy use:

1. Completing energy audits in all city owned or operated buildings. 

2. Completing lighting retrofits in all city owner or operated buildings. 

3. Upgrading heating and cooling systems at Heffner Park, Recreation Center, and the Community Center. 

4. Converting streetlights to LEDs. The first LED streetlight project is scheduled to be completed in August 2015 on Flower Avenue. 

5. Staff engagement with operations of city facilities, and a staff energy saving competition will occur in 2016.

Progess Report:

  • Over 30 new residential solar energy systems are scheduled to be installed! Congratulations to everyone who received a discount through the Takoma Park Solar Co-op.  If you missed the deadline, go to to find the next co-op to join. 
  • 225 households have joined the Neighborhood Energy Challenge!
  • 1 resident has acheived Medium Green Certification! 
  • $200 in rebates have been awarded to residents for energy efficient actions as of 6/12/15.
  • 5 neighborhood and community meetings as of 6/12/15. Contact the Sustainabiltiy Manger to host one in your neighborhood!
  • LED streetlight pilot project on Flower Avenue is scheduled for completion in August 2015. 
  • LED lighting upgrades are ongoing at the Community Center. 
  • Lighting automation projects ongoing.

Check back here regularly for updates on our actual energy use. As of June 12, 2015 we are awaiting confirmation of our baseline energy use data from Georgetown University and will publish it as soon as it is approved. Each quarter the Sustainability Manager submits aggregate residential and municipal energy use data provided by Washington Gas and Pepco to Georgetown, and will update the website with our progress when data is validated by the Georgetown Unviersity Energy Prize team.

Georgetown University Energy Prize on Takoma Park Snapshots

Check out Takoma Park City TV's covearge of Takoma Park being announced as a Georgetown University Energy Prize semifinalist in the March 2015 episode of Snapshots!

Sligo Mill Overlook Park Playground Plan

About the Sligo Mill Overlook Park Playground Plan Project

The City is developing a playground plan for a section of the Sligo Mill Overlook Park.

The current schedule includes the development of the design in the summer of 2014 and the construction of the playground in the following fiscal year - between July 1, 2014 and June 30, 2015.

There is the possibility of needing to relocate some of the existing garden plots in order to provide for sufficient room for the playground. If plots are relocated, the schedule will be developed to minimize impact to the gardeners during the growing season.

The land is owned and managed by the Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission (MNCPPC). The City and MNCPPC have agreed to work cooperatively to develop the playground plan. The City has hired Symbiosis, Inc to develop the playground design. The City will oversee the development and construction of the playground design. MNCPPC will oversee relocation of any garden plots.

The playground project manager is Daryl Braithwaite, Public Works Director, who can be reached at 301-891-7615 or

This webpage has been developed as a repository for meeting minutes and design plans developed through the design process. Additional items will be added as they become available.

Sligo Mill Overlook Playscape (PowerPoint Presentation)


Contact Us

Daryl Braithwaite
Public Works Director
Phone: 301-891-7615

Flower Avenue Green Street Project

Flower Avenue is a two lane, two way roadway with posted speed limit of 25 miles per hour. High numbers of pedestrians walk or wait for a bus along the Flower Avenue. Montgomery County Ride-On operates 3 routes & there are sixteen bus stops in the corridor, eight in each direction. Eastern side of the street lacks sidewalk & the sidewalk along western side is in need of renovation. Pedestrians face difficulties crossing the street due to the limited crosswalk. Study done by SHA shows that 85 percent of vehicle travelling along Flower Avenue is approximate 10 mph over posted limit. Improvements proposed by the projects includes sidewalk and traffic calming measures will maximize pedestrian safety & security. Bus shelter & reassessment of Ride-On service will maximize the use of Buses & enhance their service quality. 

Proposed improvement at the Flower and Houston Avenue Intersection
Proposed improvement at Flower and Houston Avenue Intersection


Unlike most city streets, Flower Avenue has no stormwater infrastructure. Streets generally have catch basins or inlets into which rain water flows into underground pipes as part of the city’s stormwater system. There are two inlets opposite each other on Flower near Domer, serving a pipe that runs perpendicular to the street. The water is shunted into Sligo Creek and Long Branch creek without slowing or filtering. There are no other inlets for the full length of the Flower Avenue project area. All other stormwater on Flower Avenue simply runs onto side streets or private property. Inorder to address the stormwater issues, the project proposes low-impact stormwater retention facilities. The Low-impact stormwater retention facilities will provide environmental benefit by capturing & treating the street run-off.

The Flower Avenue Green Street project page is now located at

Contact Us


Robert Gillespie
Consultant Project Engineer
Phone: 410-462-9192

Nima Upadhyay
Special Projects Coordinator
Phone: 301-891-7621