Public Works

About Public Works

The Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance of City-owned roads, buildings, stormwater management systems, gardens, parks, vehicles, and equipment. The department also provides solid waste collection and recycling services to single-family residential properties in the City and in the various business districts.

These functions are accounted for in eight divisions. They are Administration, Building Maintenance, Equipment Maintenance, Right-of-Way Maintenance, Solid Waste Management, Gardens, Urban Forest, and City Engineer.

Current Projects from the Public Works Department

IDIQ Bid Results

The City received seven (7) bids for the indefinite quantities for asphalt, concrete, and stormwater structures issued in September, 2014. Based on staff’s analysis of the price proposals, the two lowest bidders are NZI Construction Corporation and D & F Construction. Single Reading Ordinance Authorizing Contract Award is scheduled for October 13, 2014. Due to the significant number of projects for which this contract could be put to use, the Department of Public Works has recommended the City Council to award the contract to the two lowest bidders. By having two vendors on contract, projects could be scheduled simultaneously and delays in one vendor’s availability will not necessarily delay work on a construction project.

Boyd Avenue Sidewalk Improvement Project (400 block of Boyd Avenue)

The City has held three community meetings to discuss the development of a sidewalk in the 400 block of Boyd Avenue. The process for new sidewalk requests, established by the City Council, requires that affected residents be involved in the decision through a series of meetings and votes. The first community meeting to discuss the request was held in October, 2012.  The first vote, which took place in November, 2012, gauged support for proceeding with development of a design. The City received 27 votes, 21 in the affirmative, so the design process was approved.

Sligo Mill Overlook Park Playground Plan

About the Sligo Mill Overlook Park Playground Plan Project

The City is developing a playground plan for a section of the Sligo Mill Overlook Park.

The current schedule includes the development of the design in the summer of 2014 and the construction of the playground in the following fiscal year - between July 1, 2014 and June 30, 2015.

There is the possibility of needing to relocate some of the existing garden plots in order to provide for sufficient room for the playground. If plots are relocated, the schedule will be developed to minimize impact to the gardeners during the growing season.

The land is owned and managed by the Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission (MNCPPC). The City and MNCPPC have agreed to work cooperatively to develop the playground plan. The City has hired Symbiosis, Inc to develop the playground design. The City will oversee the development and construction of the playground design. MNCPPC will oversee relocation of any garden plots.

The playground project manager is Daryl Braithwaite, Public Works Director, who can be reached at 301-891-7615 or

This webpage has been developed as a repository for meeting minutes and design plans developed through the design process. Additional items will be added as they become available.