Bids & Contracts

All open City of Takoma Park requests for bids, requests for proposals, and requests for qualifications are published on this page following the information on Living Wage Requirements.

Living Wage Requirements

Every City contract for the provision of services awarded after a competitive bid or proposal process requires the contractor and any subcontractor to pay each employee assigned to perform services under the City contract a living wage. Certain contracts are exempted from this requirement.

Current Living Wage Rate

Ordinance 2007-55, amending the City Code to require the payment of a living wage by certain City contractors, became effective January 1, 2008.

Each year on April 1, the City Manager establishes the living wage rate, which shall be equal to the Montgomery County living wage rate established and published by Montgomery County pursuant to Section 11B-33A of the Montgomery County Code and any applicable regulations, as amended from time to time. The living wage rate established on April 1 goes into effect the following July1.

The living wage rate as of July 1, 2016 is $14.40 per hour.

Tasa de Costo de Vida fue Establecido para el Año Fiscal 2014

Ordenanza 2007-55 cambió el Código de la Ciudad para requerir el costo de vida actual para cierta contratistas de la Ciudad. La Ordenanza 2007-55 fue efectiva el 1 de enero de 2008.

El 1 de abril de cada año, el Administrador de la Ciudad establece la tasa de costo de vida, el cuál será equivalente a la tasa de costo de vida establecida por el Condado de Montgomery siguiendo la sección 11B-33A de el Código del Condado de Montgomery y cualquier regulación aplicable.

Actualmente, la tasa de costo de vida es $14.35 por hora.

Current Bids & Contracts

Request For Proposals (RFP) #Issuing DepartmentRFP Title & LinkOpen DateOpen TimeClosing DateClosing Time
PW-20170213Public WorksIT Room Renovation
IT Room Renovation Plans
2017-02-1312:00 PM2017-03-174:00 PM
HCD-20170201Housing & Community Development Ethan Allen Streetscape IFB packet2017-02-0112:00 PM2017-04-183:30 PM
HCD-20170201Housing & Community Development Ethan Allen Streetscape Plan Documents2017-02-0112:00 PM2017-04-183:30 PM
HCD-20161121Housing & Community Development Strategic Plan RFP2016-11-2112:00 PM2016-12-2810:00 AM
HCD-20160613Housing & Community Development Qualified Artist Pool2016-06-1312:00 PM2016-07-1512:00 PM
PD-20160107PoliceCommunity Relations Consultant2016-01-0712:00 PM2016-01-2812:00 PM
PD-20151114PoliceCommunity Relations Consultant2015-11-04 1:00 PM2015-12-0412:00 PM
Table: All open City of Takoma Park requests for bids, requests for proposals, and requests for qualifications.

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