Film Permits

The City of Takoma Park encourages the production of motion pictures, television and commercial photography within our boundaries. The permit process aims to ensure that filming and videotaping is consistent with public health and safety and the protection of property.

Application for permits must be submitted 14 calendar days in advance of the date the filming activity is to begin.

Film Permit Application

Permits are required for the following types of activity:

  • Commercial filming activity
  • Closure of a public street, sidewalk, park or when activity substantially impedes vehicular traffic thereon
  • Parking of more than two motor vehicles on any public street within the City
  • Loud noise, bright lights, hazardous activities, or
    hazardous substances

A film permit applicant must obtain the property owner’s permission for use of property not owned or controlled by the City.

Film permits are not required for the following types of activity:

  • Filming activities conducted for news purposes
  • Filming activities conducted at a studio
  • Filming activities conducted for use in a criminal investigation or civil or criminal court proceeding
  • Noncommercial filming activities conducted on private property solely for private or family use
  • Student filming activities


Film Permit FeesCost
Application Fee (non refundable)$20
1-3 day Film Permit Fee$250
7 day Film Permit Fee$400
Street or Sidewalk Closure$100 per day
Use of City Property & Facilities$50 plus facility fee (see attached fee schedule)
Parking Permits (for parking in permitted zones)
Vehicles less than 8500 gvwr
$20 per day
Parking Permits (for parking in permitted zones)
Vehicles more than 8500 gvwr
$60 per day
TPPD Police Officers on site monitoring$50 per hour
Other City Staff on site monitoringvaries
Changes to Permit$100
Location Release Review$175 per hour

[1] The availability of police officers is not guaranteed.

[2] Required only if applicant declines to use the City’s location release form. See Appendix 2

For more information on the film permit requirements visit Chapter 8.44 in the Takoma Park Code.



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