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Facts & Figures

The City of Takoma Park is approximately 2.4 square miles in area and has a population of about 17,000*.

For more detailed information about the City’s demographics, visit the 2010 Census.

Summary of the 2010 Census Information

A summary on population and housing units in the City of Takoma Park:

Population Breakdown by Gender
Population GenderPopulation TotalPercent of Population (%)


Population Breakdown by Age in Takoma Park
Population AgePopulation TotalPercent of Population (%)
18 and Over1296677.6
Under 18374922.4


Population Breakdown by Age Group
Population Age GroupPopulationPercent of Population (%)
Ages 18-2413618.1
Ages 25-34245714.7
Ages 35-49396223.7
Ages 50-64351821.0
Ages 65+166810.0


Population Breakdown by Race (1 of 4)
Population RacePopulationPercent of Population (%)
Black or African American584335.0
American Indian and Alaska Native450.3
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander100.1
Some Other Race10916.5


Population Breakdown by Race (2 of 4)
Population RacePopulationPercent of Population (%)
One Race1591195.2
Two or More Races8044.8


Population Breakdown by Race: Hispanic (3 of 4)
Population RacePopulationPercent of Population (%)
Hispanic or Latino (of any Race)241714.5
Not Hispanic or Latino1429885.5


Population Breakdown by Race (4 of 4)
Population RacePopulationPercent of Population (%)
One Race1375282.3
Black or African American568534.0
American Indian or Alaska Native210.1
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander100.1
Some Other Race650.4
Two or More Races5463.3


Housing Units and Occupancy Status
Housing Unit TypePopulationPercent of Population (%)
Total Housing Units7162100.0
Occupied Housing Units656991.7
Owner-Occupied Units3444
Population in Owner-Occupied (# of Individuals)9248
Renter-Occupied Units3125
Population in Renter Occupied (# of Individuals)7089
Vacant Housing Units5938.3


Other Demographic Information

The Census Bureau only provides actual population count information broken into age, race/Hispanic origin, gender, family relationship and households. Information that once was obtained by the Census Bureau’s “long form” on ethnicity, income, occupation, etc. is no longer collected during the Decennial Census. Instead, the American Community Survey is done each year across the country covering these subjects. Because the number of people surveyed in the American Community Survey is relatively small, it is not as accurate. In order to get enough responders to provide a sense of a particular community, the survey results from a five year period are presented. Because of this, the information cannot be considered as a view of the community at a certain point in time.

To get information on Takoma Park, go to the Census Bureau’s American Fact Finder and, in the space marked Community Facts, type in “Takoma Park city, Maryland.” You will then get access to Census and American Community Survey information in fairly easy to use spreadsheets.

*Note: The 2010 Census reports the population as of April 1, 2010. On that date, two large apartment buildings were undergoing renovation and had many vacant units. (As a comparison, in the previous Census in 2000, there were 6,893 occupied housing units and 294 vacant housing units and a total population of 17,299.) The City of Takoma Park filed a formal request with the Census Bureau to review information on 56 housing units that the City noted existed but were not counted as either occupied or vacant in the 2010 Census. If the Census Bureau revises the population or housing count information, this page will be updated.

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