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Fourth of July Road Closures

July 4 2017 6:00 am to 1:00 pm NO PARKING  at the following: Both sides of Jackson Ave from Ethan Allen Ave to Sligo Creek Parkway, Both sides of Ritchie Ave from Maple Ave to Piney Branch Rd, Both sides of Maple Ave from the DC line to north to Lincoln Ave, All parking spaces behind City building-Library, All parking spaces to the rear of City building-Police Department, Grant Ave between Hancock Ave and Carroll Ave., Lee Ave between Hancock Ave and Carroll Ave, Sherman Ave between Hancock Ave and Carroll Ave, Hancock Ave between Grant Ave and Sherman Ave. There will be NO PARKING at any of the meters along the parade route and the staging area. The roads around the parade route will be closed off around 9:00 am and reopened around 1:00 pm. The parade will begin at MD 410 (East-West Hwy) and Carroll Ave. It will continue south on Carroll Ave to Maple Ave, where it will turn right. The parade will continue on Maple Ave until it reaches Lincoln Ave where it will end.

The roads will close at 9:00 am and will reopen around 1:00 pm after the parade.

Starting on July 04, 2017 at 7:00 pm and going to 11:00 pm there will be No Parking on both side of the road on the following streets.  Ritchie Ave from Geneva Ave to Piney Branch Road, Grant Ave from Holly Ave to Piney Branch Road, Holly Ave from Hodges Ave to Grant Ave, Chestnut Ave from Hodges Ave to Grant Ave, and Hodges Ave between Holly Ave and Chestnut Ave.

The Takoma Park fireworks will be held on the field of Takoma Park Middle School, 7611 Piney Branch Ave. Activities start at 7:00 pm and the fireworks at approximately 9:30 pm. Rain date is the first clear night following the cancellation.