Published on: Tuesday, January 19, 2016 City Council & Mayor Blog

A Place To Call Home

Photo of Kate Stewart, Mayor of Takoma Park
Kate Stewart, Mayor of Takoma Park

From Kate Stewart, Mayor of Takoma Park

In Takoma Park, we are committed to being a diverse and inclusive community, which requires a variety of housing options for residents. As our City grows and changes, we must remain diligent to ensure residents have such options and, most importantly, continued access to safe, decent and stable places to call home.

Taking a closer look at our current housing goals and priorities and developing and implementing new goals and targets is a crucial first step toward addressing the affordable housing needs of our community. To begin this process, we invite you to join the City Council for a Community Conversation on Affordable Housing on Saturday, February 6th from 9:30 AM-1:15 PM.

The meeting, the first in a series of Community Conversations on various topics, will provide an opportunity to learn and engage in a discussion about the City’s approach to housing, current trends at the local and state level, and some new ideas for addressing the issue of affordable housing in Takoma Park.  Most importantly we need YOU, residents of Takoma Park to  share your thoughts and participate in the conversation.

Small group discussions will begin to answer questions such as:

  • What should be our affordable housing goals in Takoma Park?
  • What is currently working and what needs to be changed about our approach to affordable housing? For example, should the City’s Rent Stabilization program continue to keep rents at moderate levels no matter the income of the tenants?
  • How do we accommodate the needs of low and very low income residents, residents with disabilities, families with children, and older residents who want to age in place?
  • Do we have the correct mix of rental and ownership opportunities? Do we have the correct mix of apartments, condominiums, single family detached homes and townhouses?
  • To what extent should the community pursue economically integrated neighborhoods or complexes?
  • Can redevelopment along New Hampshire Avenue help meet some of our housing goals?
  • What are new approaches the City can take to ensure opportunities to affordable housing?

Please join City Council, subject matter experts from City staff and national and community organizations as we share information, respond to questions, and participate in the conversation.

Community Conversation on Affordable Housing

Saturday, February 6
9:30 AM-1:15 PM
Takoma Park Community Center – Sam Abbott Citizens’ Center