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Commemoration Commission

About the Commemoration Commission

From Takoma Park Municipal Code 2.16.075:

The Commission shall document, maintain, and preserve past, present, and future memorials, commemoratives, and recognitions in the City; recommend to the City Council procedures and programs to honor and commemorate individuals, organizations and businesses that have made significant contributions to the social, cultural, historical, political, economic, or civic life of the City as a whole or to a neighborhood/local area as well as programs for individuals to honor others; implement such programs within its scope and budget; and decide on recognitions after opportunity for public review and comment.

Commemoration Commission Membership

From Takoma Park Municipal Code 2.16.080:

  1. Membership. The Commission will be comprised of up to nine but not less than five voting members and four nonvoting members.
    1. Voting Members. At least one voting member may be nominated by each of the ward Councilmembers and at least one at-large voting member may be nominated by the Mayor. No ward shall have more than two voting members on the Commission. Voting members shall be residents of the City.
    2. Nonvoting Members. The four nonvoting members shall include one representative selected by Historic Takoma, Inc., one representative selected by the Arts and Humanities Commission, one representative selected by the Recreation Committee, and one staff liaison selected by the City Manager.
    3. Appointments. All voting members and representative nonvoting members shall be appointed by the City Council, except for the staff liaison who shall serve at the pleasure of the City Manager.
  2. Terms. The regular term on the Commission shall be three years. All terms shall expire on March 31. Except for the staff liaison, members shall serve for no more than two consecutive full terms.

Commemoration Commission Members

First NameLast NameWardRepresentingTerm Expiration
DianaKohn3 (non-voting member)Historic Takoma, Inc.2020
HowardKohn3 (non-voting member)Recreation Committee2021
RichardO’Connor1voting member2021
Frederick L.Schultz6voting member2022
BruceWilliams3voting member2021
VACANT-(non-voting member)Arts & Humanities Commission2019
VACANT-voting member2022
VACANTvoting member2022
VACANTvoting member2020
VACANT-voting member2020
VACANTvoting member2020
VACANT-voting member2021
Table: Current Commemoration Commission members

Commemoration Commission Meetings

Meetings are usually held on the third Tuesday of the month at 7:00 PM in the Takoma Park Community Center – Sam Abbott Citizens’ Center located  at 7500 Maple Avenue, Takoma Park, MD 20912. Meeting dates are posted in the Takoma Park Newsletter, on the City Council’s rolling agenda, and on the City Council, Board, Commission & Committee Calendar page.

The most up to date schedule information can be found on our calendar page.

Commemoration Commission Agendas & Approved Minutes

DateDocument Type / DescriptionTitle & Link (PDF)
2021-05-12agendaMay 12, 2021 Meeting Agenda - Commemoration Commission
2016-04-12minutesApril 12, 2016 Meeting Minutes - Commemoration Commission
2016-03-15agendaMarch 3, 2016 Meeting Agenda - Commemoration Commission
2015-11-17agendaNovember 17, 2015 Meeting Agenda - Commemoration Commission
2015-04-21draft agendaApril 21, 2015 Meeting Agenda (draft) - Commemoration Commission
2015-03-24agendaMarch 24, 2015 Meeting Agenda - Commemoration Commission
2015-03-24draft minutesMarch 24, 2015 Meeting Minutes (draft) - Commemoration Commission
Table: Commemoration Commission agendas & approved minutes

Commemoration Commission Documents & Reports

Commemoration Commission Reports & Other Documents

DateDocument Type / DescriptionTitle & Link (PDF)
Table: Commemoration Commission reports & other documents

Contact the Commemoration Commission

City Clerk
Phone: 301-891-7267
Email: clerk@takomaparkmd.gov

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