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Takoma Junction Task Force

About the Takoma Junction Task Force

The Takoma Junction Task Force was sunset in 2012.

From City of Takoma Park, Maryland Resolution 2010-40:

BE IT RESOLVED that the primary purpose of the Task Force will be to:

  1. evaluate current conditions in Takoma Junction and identify opportunities for the redevelopment and revitalization of the area;
  2. develop an outreach plan designed to solicit comment on future redevelopment proposals, increase awareness of available incentive programs and engage the community in revitalization initiatives that may be undertaken by the City and others; and
  3. create work plans with recommended near and long term actions for Council consideration that addresses the community’s interest in I improving existing traffic patterns; resolving pedestrian safety concerns; increasing public use of public spaces; providing for the redevelopment of city-owned properties; enhancing the physical appearance and condition of properties; and increasing the economic viability of area businesses.

Reports & Other Documents

Takoma Junction Task Force Reports & Other Documents

DateDocument Type / DescriptionDocument Title & Link (PDF)
2012-02Final ReportTakoma Junction Task Force Report to the City Council - February 2012
Table: Takoma Junction Task Force reports & other documents.

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