The City Council adopts ordinances to amend, affect, or repeal City law or to authorize the appropriation of City funds above a limit defined in the Takoma Park Code. Prior to the beginning of each fiscal year, the City Council adopts the City Budget by ordinance.

Ordinances are numbered sequentially in the year they are introduced.  All ordinance entries link to PDF files.

Ordinances for the Current Calendar Year

City Council Ordinances - 2016

Adopted DateOrdinance NumberOrdinance Title & Link (PDF)
2016-09-142016-39Authorizing Additional Design and Engineering Work for the Flower Avenue Green Street Project
2016-07-272016-38Authorizing a Contract for Parking Ticket Management
2016-07-272016-37Authorization to Purchase and Install Equipment for Seven Police Vehicles
2016-07-272016-36Authorization to Purchase Seven Replacement Police Vehicles
2016-07-272016-35Authorizing the Execution of a Grant Agreement with the Takoma Park Independence Day Committee, Inc.
2016-07-272016-34Providing for Proceeding to Detailed Design Development Based on the June 2016 Concept Design for Library Renovation
2016-07-272016-33Extending Residential Permit Parking Area 6 to Include the 1100 block of Kingwood Drive
2016-07-272016-32FY 2017 Budget Amendment No. 1
2016-07-272016-31Amending the Takoma Park Code, title 8, Business, to Restrict the Commercial Use of Plastic Single-use Bags
2016-07-202016-30Granting a Non-Exclusive Cable Franchise Upon Certain Conditions And Authorizing a Franchise Agreement Between the City of Takoma Park, Maryland And Starpower Communications, LLC, d/b/a RCN
2016-06-222016-29MANUP, Inc. – Lunch and Learn Summer Camp
2016-06-222016-28Authorizing Execution of a Contract for installation of Permeable Pavers on Maple Avenue in Front of the Community Center
2016-06-222016-27Authorizing Reimbursement to the Takoma Park Folk Festival, Inc. for Certain Expenditures Related to the 2015 Festival
2016-06-222016-26Authorizing the Execution of a Grant Agreement with the Takoma Park Independence Day Committee, Inc
2016-06-222016-25Authorizing Execution of a Contract for Preparation of the City’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
2016-06-222016-24Award of Contract for Phase II Website Development
2016-06-222016-23Amending Takoma Park Code, Chapter 6.08, Rental Housing Licenses and Owner-Occupied Group House Registration
2016-06-152016-22Ordinance Eliminating the Area B Permit Parking Program
2016-05-112016-21Award of Contract for Equipment and Software for the Multimedia Lab
2016-05-182016-20Establishing a House Reserve
2016-05-182016-19Approving and Adopting the Budget for FY 2017, Beginning July 1, 2016 and Ending June 30, 2017
2016-05-182016-18Approving and Adopting the Stormwater Management Budget For FY 2016, Beginning July 1, 2016 and Ending June 30, 2017
2016-05-182016-17Adopting the FY 2017 Tax Rate
2016-04-272016-16Awarding a Contract for Pavement Condition Evaluation
2016-04-272016-15Extending the Contract for the Flower Avenue Green Street Design
2016-05-182016-14Granting a Non-Exclusive Cable Franchise Upon Certain Conditions And Authorizing a Franchise Agreement Between the City of Takoma Park, Maryland And Comcast of Potomac, LLC
2016-04-062016-13Requiring the Registration of Vacant Properties and Establishing Vacant Property Maintenance and Security Standards
2016-03-232016-12Authorizing the Law Firm of Bregman, Berbert, Schwartz, and Gilday, LLC to Perform Additional Legal Services for the Takoma Junction Redevelopment Project
2016-03-232016-11FY 2016 Budget Amendment No. 3
2016-03-092016-10Authorizing a Contract for Window Replacement in the Community Center
2016-03-232016-09Amending the Takoma Park Code, Chapter 16.08, Stormwater Management Fee System, to Prescribe the Allocation of Stormwater Fees to Condominium Units
2016-03-092016-08Amending the Takoma Park Code Chapter 10.12 Private Collection from Multifamily Facilities, to Change the Date for Filing an Annual Report
2016-02-102016-07Authorizing the Purchase of a Replacement Police Vehicle from Criswell Chevrolet
2016-02-102016-06Authorizing the Purchase of a replacement Police Vehicle from Apple Ford
2016-02-242016-05Amending the Takoma Park Code, Title 6, Housing, to Prevent Landlords from Charging Abusive Fees
2016-02-242016-04Amendment to the Noise Control Ordinance
2016-02-032016-03FY 2016 Budget Amendment No. 2
2016-01-132016-02Authorizing Execution of a Grant Agreement with Making a New United People (M.A.N.U.P)
2016-01-132016-01Awarding Contract for Conway and Prince Georges's Avenues Public Art Project
Table: Takoma Park City Council ordinances for calendar year 2016. Table maintained by the City Clerk's office. (

Ordinances from Previous Years

City Council Ordinances from previous years are available on list the Ordinance – Archive page.

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