Resolutions for the Current Calendar Year

City Council Resolutions - 2016

Adopted DateResolution NumberResolution Title & Link (PDF)
2016-10-192016-42Providing for Appointments to the Noise Control Board
2016-10-192016-41Providing Direction on Conversion to LED Street Lighting
2016-10-122016-40Resolution Urging the Montgomery County Executive and Montgomery County Council to Include Funding for a Paramedic at the Takoma Park Fire Station in the County's Fiscal Year 2018 Budget
2016-09-282016-39Providing for a Reappointment to the Tree Commission
2016-09-282016-38Providing for Reappointments to the Takoma Park Ethics Commission
2016-09-282016-37Naming the City-Owned Parcel of the Washington-Mclaughlin Property “Dorothy's Woods”
2016-09-212016-36Regarding Changing the Date of City Elections
2016-09-072016-35Appointments to the Commission on Landlord-Tenant Affairs
2016-09-072016-34Providing for Appointments to the Arts and Humanities Commission
2016-09-072016-33Providing for an Appointment to the Facade Advisory Board
2016-09-072016-32Supporting the Unity in the Community Initiative
2016-07-272016-31Providing for appointments to the emergency preparedness committee
2016-07-272016-30Providing for an appointment to the committee on the environment
2016-07-272016-29City Council's 2016 Summer Recess
2016-07-272016-28Affirming authority to exceed contracted amount of attorney fees related to takoma junction project
2016-07-272016-27Establishing the community consultation process advisory committee for the takoma junction redevelopment project
2016-07-272016-26Authorizing the development agreement with Neighborhood Development Company, LLC for the redevelopment of the city lot at the Takoma Junction
2016-07-202016-25Authorizing approval of an agreement with montgomery county concerning the starpower cable franchise
2016-07-202016-24Resolution Adopting the Takoma Park Streetscape Manual
2016-07-202016-23Resolution Recommending the Approval of the Site Plan Application 820120160 for 6413 Orchard Avenue
2016-07-132016-22Providing for appointments to the grants review committee
2016-07-132016-21Providing for appointment to the arts and humanities commission
2016-07-062016-20Providing for appointments to the safe roadways committee
2016-07-062016-19Providing for appointments to the committee on the environment
2016-07-062016-18Providing for appointments to the board of elections
2016-07-062016-17Resolution Authorizing Transmittal of Legislative Action Requests To the Maryland Municipal League for Consideration
2016-06-152016-16Establishing funding priorities for the community development block grant (cdbg) program
2016-07-152016-15Establishing guidelines for community partners program
2016-06-152016-14Establishing guidelines for community “quality of life” grant program
2016-05-182016-13Providing for an Appointment to the Committee on the Environment
2016-05-182016-12Providing for Appointments to the Nuclear-Free Takoma Park Committee
2016-05-182016-11Approving an Agreement with Montgomery County Concerning the Comcast Cable Franchise
2016-05-182016-10Approving an Amended Agreement with Montgomery County Concerning the Verizon Cable Franchise
2016-04-272016-09Authorizing the Closure of Grant Avenue for the Grant Avenue Market
2016-03-232016-08Providing for Reappointments to the Emergency Preparedness Committee
2016-03-232016-07Providing for Appointments to the Facade Advisory Board
2016-03-232016-06Appointing the Takoma Park Poet Laureate
2016-02-242016-05Providing for an Appointment to the Committee on the Environment
2016-02-242016-04Resolution Supporting the 2016 Council Priorities
2016-01-272016-03Providing for an Appointment to the Board of Elections
2016-01-272016-02Authorizing the Execution of an Agreement with the Crossraods Community Food Network for the Closure of Anne Street for the Crossraods Farmers Market
2016-01-272016-01Support of Bruce R. Williams Serving in the Chesapeake Bay Local Government Advisory Committee
Table: Takoma Park City Council resolutions for calendar year 2016. Table maintained by the City Clerk's office. (

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