Resolutions for the Current Calendar Year

City Council Resolutions - 2017

Adopted DateResolution NumberResolution Title & Link (PDF)
2017-07-262017-49Providing for Appointments to the Committee on the Environment
2017-07-262017-48Providing for an Appointment to the Arts and Humanities Commission
2017-07-262017-47Providing for the City Council's 2017 Summer Recess
2017-07-262017-46Ratifying the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the United Food and Commercial Workers Union (Local 400) and the City of Takoma Park
2017-07-262017-45Establishing the City Council's Goals and Priorities for the Takoma Park Police Department
2017-07-122017-44Resolution Authorizing Transmittal of Legislative Action Requests To the Maryland Municipal League for Consideration
2017-06-212017-43Providing for an Appointment to the Safe Roadways Committee
2017-06-212017-42Providing for Appointments to the Recreation Committee
2017-06-212017-41Providing for Appointment to the Arts and Humanities Commission
2017-06-142017-40Recognizing Susan Silber for her Service as City Attorney
2017-05-242017-39Recognizing the Second Monday in October as Indigenous Peoples Day in Takoma Park
2017-05-172017-38Providing for Appointments to the Grants Review Committee
2017-05-172017-37Appointments to the Arts and Humanities Commission
2017-05-172017-36Establishing Policy Objectives Associated with the Fiscal Year 2018 Budget
2017-05-102017-35Providing for Appointments to the Facade Advisory Board
2017-05-102017-34Providing for Appointment to the Emergency Preparedness Committee
2017-05-032017-33Modify Setback Rules in Areas with Uneven Property Frontage Lines
2017-05-032017-32Draft Resolution Providing Comment on the Subdivision of Ethan Allen/Jackson Avenue (Parcel 952)
2017-05-032017-31Authorizing the Closure of Grant Avenue for the Grant Avenue Market
2017-04-192017-30Providing for Reappointments to the Nuclear-Free Takoma Park Committee
2017-04-192017-29Providing for Reappointments to the Commemoration Commission
2017-04-192017-28Resolution Committing the City Council to Systematically and Deliberately Apply a Racial Equity Lens in Decision-Making
2017-04-122017-27Encouraging Takoma Park Landlords to House Refugees and Asylees
2017-04-052017-26Settlement of Circuit Court Case - City of Takoma Park v. Marcial Properties, Inc.
2017-03-222017-25Resolution affirming support for MCPS CIP Budget Amendment “Outdoor Play Space Maintenance Project” FY2018
2017-03-152017-24Providing for an Appointment to the Safe Roadways Committee
2017-03-152017-23Providing for Appointments to the Board of Elections
2017-03-082017-22Supporting HB 1374 State Highway Administration Neighbor Notification Act
2017-03-082017-21Supporting HB 110 Electric Vehicles and Recharging Equipment – Rebates and Tax Credits – Extension and HB 406 (SB 315) Clean Cars Act of 2017
2017-03-082017-20Supporting HB 110 Electric Vehicles and Recharging Equipment – Rebates and Tax Credits – Extension and HB 406 (SB 315) Clean Cars Act of 2017
2017-03-082017-19Supporting HB 110 Electric Vehicles and Recharging Equipment – Rebates and Tax Credits – Extension and HB 406 (SB 315) Clean Cars Act of 2017
2017-03-082017-18Supporting HB 514 (SB 184) Energy Efficiency Programs – Calculation of Program Savings and Consideration of Cost Effectiveness
2017-03-082017-17Supporting SB 740 (HB 1325) oil and natural gas – hydraulic fracturing – prohibition
2017-03-082017-16Supporting HB 1362 (SB 835) Maryland Law Enforcement and Governmental Trust Act
2017-03-082017-15Opposing SB 842 (HB 1354) Voter Registration Integrity Act
2017-03-082017-14Opposing HB 532 (SB 1133) Election Law – Qualifications of Voters – Proof of Identity
2017-03-082017-13Providing for Appointments to the Noise Control Board
2017-02-222017-12Supporting HB 257 (SB 359) Maryland Meals for Achievment for Teens Act of 2017; HB 287 (SB 361) Hunger-Free Schools Act of 2017; and HB 288 (SB 360) Free School Meals for Students from Low-Mid Income Families Act
2017-02-222017-11Supporting HB 238 - Housing - Workforce Housing Grant Program - Mandatory Funding
2017-02-222017-10Supporing HB 979 - Property Tax Credit - Public Safety Officers Supporing HB 979 - Property Tax Credit - Public Safety Officers
2017-02-222017-09Supporting HB 285 - Washington Metrorail Safety Commission Membership Act
2017-02-152017-08Providing for an Appointment to the Committee on the Environment
2017-02-152017-07Providing for Appointments to t he Arts and Humanities Commission
2017-02-152017-06Affirming the 2017 Council Priorities
2017-02-082017-05Opposing HB 431 – Transportation – State Highway Administration – Sale or Lease of Highway Naming Rights
2017-01-182017-04Authorizing Distribution of City of Takoma Park Scholarship Funds for Montgomery College Students
2017-01-112017-03Exercising Council’s Option to Authorize Solicitation of Alternative Anchor Tenant for Takoma Junction Development Project
2017-01-112017-02Providing for an Appointment to the Takoma Junction Community Process Advisory Committee
2017-01-112017-01Affirming FY 2018 Green Team Priorities
Table: Takoma Park City Council resolutions for calendar year 2017. Table maintained by the City Clerk's office. (

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