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City Manager - Suzanne Ludlow

About City Manager Suzanne Ludlow

Suzanne Ludlow was appointed City Manager on April 1, 2015. Ludlow is a member of the International City County Management Association and adheres to the association’s ethics provisions. She is also a Certified Planner (American Institute of Certified Planners/American Planning Association) and a Certified Public Manager through the Institute of Regional Excellence/George Washington University. She received a BA in Urban Studies from Oberlin College and an MS in Urban Affairs/Economic Development from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Before coming to Takoma Park, she worked for the city governments of Greensboro, NC and Rochester, NY.

Ludlow’s career with the City of Takoma Park began in 1993 as Assistant Director of Housing and Community Development. She has held a number of positions over the years, including Unification Coordinator and Community and Government Liaison. She became Deputy City Manager in 2008 and held that position until she was named City Manager in 2015.


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