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Frequently Asked Questions

What cable companies provide service in Takoma Park?

In Takoma Park you can get TV cable signal from three companies: RCN (Channel 13), Verizon Fios (Channel 28), and Comcast (Channel 13).  To contact them click on the links below.


Verizon Fios

Comcast Xfinity


Whom should I contact if I have a comment or complaint about my cable service?

Anyone with a comment or complaint about cable services should contact the Montgomery County Office of Cable and Broadband Services.


How can I see when a show will be aired on City TV?

Anyone wishing to see the current schedule for City TV is invited to check out the City TV two-week program schedule. Please note, however, that the schedule is subject to change without notice.


Whom should I contact if I want City TV to cover an event?

City TV covers events in and about Takoma Park. If you think there is an event that is newsworthy, contact City TV at CableTV@TakomaParkMD.gov or call 301-891-7118.


What if I want to get a copy of a program produced by City TV?

Copies of programs produced by City TV can be purchased on DVD for $25 by contacting CableTV@TakomaParkMD.gov.


What if I want to put info on the bulletin board?

Information can be added to the bulletin board. Send the finalized information for broadcast to CableTV@TakomaParkMD.gov or call 301-891-7118.


I’m deaf or hard of hearing, how can I receive auxiliary aids, services, or accommodations for a council meeting in the auditorium?

The City of Takoma Park is committed to ensuring that individuals with disabilities are able to fully participate in public meetings. Anyone planning to attend a City of Takoma Park public meeting or public hearing, and who wishes to receive auxiliary aids, services or accommodations is invited to contact Jason Damweber by phone at 301-891-7202 or by email JasonD@takomaparkmd.gov, at least 48 hours in advance.


Does Takoma Park City TV provide TV Production classes?

City TV does not provide classes.  The Takoma Park Recreation Department offers video editing classes.  You can check the City Guide for information on all classes offered.

Montgomery Community Media is the organization that provides television production classes and services to Montgomery County residents.  You can contact them at 301-424-1730.


Do you offer employment or internships?

All employment is handled through Human Resources Department. Students interested in an Internship with City TV should send their resume to CableTV@TakomaParkMD.gov or call 301-891-7118.

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