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City Planning

About City Planning in Takoma Park

Planning is an ongoing process that helps residents and government leaders shape growth in a way that makes the community a better place to live and work, and adapt to population and economic changes over time.

Plans for the Ethan Allen Gateway Streetscape improvement on display.
Plans for the Ethan Allen Gateway Streetscape improvement on display.

Takoma Park Master Plan

The Takoma Park Master Plan (2000) provides a set of comprehensive recommendations and guidelines for the use of publicly and privately owned land. The document reflects a vision of future development in Takoma Park that responds to the unique character of the community within the context of a broader, County-wide perspective.

The Approved and Adopted Amendment to the Master Plan for Historic Preservation: Takoma Park Historic District and Carroll Manor/Douglas House (1992) is designed to preserve the historic and architectural heritage of the area.

New Hampshire Avenue Corridor Concept Plan

The New Hampshire Avenue Corridor Concept Plan (2008, PDF) provides a framework for the redevelopment and revitalization of New Hampshire Avenue, south of Sligo Creek.

Takoma/Langley Crossroads Sector Plan

The Takoma/Langley Crossroads Sector Plan (2012) provides a revitalization and redevelopment framework for the northeast portion of the city encompassing University Boulevard and New Hampshire Avenue, north of Sligo Creek Parkway.

Long Branch Sector Plan

The Long Branch Sector Plan (2013) provides a revitalization and redevelopment framework in preparation for the proposed Purple Line stop at Arliss Street.

Other Master Plans Impacting Takoma Park

Montgomery County’s Planning Department has prepared several county-wide master plans that are relevant to Takoma Park. The following documents are available online:

Planning Resources

The following agencies and organizations provide additional comprehensive planning services in Takoma Park and the region:

County Planning Organizations & Agencies

  • Montgomery County Planning Department.  The Montgomery County Planning Department develops master plans, reviews proposed development and analyzes a variety of types of information to help plan for the future in the county as a whole and specifically on projects in the Takoma Park / Silver Spring area.
  • Prince George’s County Planning Department. The Prince George’s County Planning Department is responsible for the development of plans affecting the International Corridor, Langley Park and other neighborhoods adjacent to Takoma Park.

State/District Planning Organizations & Agencies

Housing and Community Development Sections