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Development Review

About Development Review in Takoma Park

In the City of Takoma Park, zoning authority lies with the Montgomery County Planning Department.  However, the City plays an important role in guiding the development review process. The flowchart to the right outlines an overview of the development process. A more detailed site plan application review process and timeline is summarized in this gantt chart.

Montgomery County’s Development Review Manual (PDF) sets forth administrative standards for the timely and comprehensive review of and compliance with plans.  For information about how to get involved in Montgomery County’s Development Review process, check the County site.

Active Projects under Review in Takoma Park

Information on the location, specifics, and status of active projects can be located using Montgomery County’s Development Finder.

Development Review in Takoma Park

Type of Plan Plan Number Address / Location Status Description / Update
Pre-Application 720150050 415 Ethan Allen Avenue In Review Proposal to re-subdivide a lot and a part of another lot into two single-family lots.
Preliminary Plan 120160170 430-434 Ethan Allen Avenue Approved (12/20/2018) Proposal to subdivide 3 existing lots into 5 new lots (2 existing houses, 3 proposed).
Resolution 2018-58
Site Plan 820120160 6413 Orchard Avenue In Review Proposal to construct two-story commercial building. Council Resolution 2016-23
Site Plan 820130080 6450 New Hampshire Avenue Approved with conditions (10/30/2014) Proposal to construct two-story commercial building.
Preliminary Plan MR2018036 7611 Piney Branch Road Approved (09/13/18) Takoma Park Middle School expansion. Council adopted Resolution No. 2012-42
Preliminary Plan 120170120 Ethan Allen and Jackson Avenue Approved (01/25/2018) Proposal to subdivide 1 lot into 2 new lots. Council adopted Resolution 2017-32.
Mandatory Referral MR2019008 7315 New Hampshire Avenue (Takoma Park Recreation Center) Approved (01/07/2019) Land swap of Takoma Park Recreation Center from Montgomery County to the City of Takoma Park. Council adopted Resolution No. 2018-59
Mandatory Referral MR2019006 117 Elm Avenue (John Nevins Andrew School) Approved (01/07/2019) Land swap of portion of property from Potomac Conference to the City of Takoma Park. Council adopted Ordinance No. 2018-20
Mandatory Referral MR2019011 7600 Takoma Avenue (Montgomery College Math and Science Building) In Review Addition to Math and Science building. Council adopted Resolution No. 2018-63
Preliminary Plan 120190150 Takoma Junction on Carroll Avenue In Review Redevelopment of the City-owned lot

Table: Development Review in Takoma Park. Details ongoing and recently approved projects in Takoma Park.

Development Standards & Guidelines

Development and land use within the City of Takoma Park is governed by standards and guidelines adopted or enacted by the Takoma Park City Council, the Montgomery County Council, the Montgomery County Planning Board, and the State of Maryland. The implementation and application of these guidelines varies depending upon the scope of the project, its location, and the initiating party. The City and the Montgomery County Planning Board have a Memorandum of Understanding regarding development review (Resolution No. 2001-37).

The Montgomery County Zoning Ordinance (Chapter 59 of the Montgomery County Code) is the primary standard used to evaluate proposed developments., Required permits for construction, renovation, or demolition are issued by the Montgomery County Department of Permitting Services (DPS).Depending on the scope and location of a proposed project the following standards may apply:

City Charter & Code


Development Review Flow Chart


Renovating Property in the Historic District

A Historic Area Work Permit (HAWP) is required prior to undertaking any proposed changes to the exterior of a structure or to the environmental setting of a property within the historic district. This includes moving, demolishing or altering the exterior of a house, building or other structure. Applications are reviewed by the Montgomery County Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) and must be approved before a permit for the work may be issued. To search for properties listed in the located in the Historic District “Locational Atlas and Index of Historic Sites in Montgomery County” use the Historic Preservation Interactive Map.

Changes to the exterior of any commercial property in the Takoma Park Historic District requires the approval by the City’s Facade Advisory Board (FAB) prior to review by the Historic Preservation Commission.

Commercial Construction or Renovation

Many commercial properties in Takoma Park are located in the Takoma Park/East Silver Spring commercial revitalization overlay zone (TPESS), which outlines special requirements and provides for development flexibility. The TPESS is detailed in Section 4.9.14 of the Montgomery County Zoning Ordinance (Chapter 59 of the Montgomery County Code).

Montgomery County Planning Department also provides guidelines for preparing preliminary plans of subdivision and site plan applications for commercial properties if these are required.Prior to site plan submission, Montgomery County Planning Department will require a tree protection plan and stormwater management concept plan approved by City staff  in the Public Works Department.

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