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Emergency Assistance

The City of Takoma Park’s Emergency Assistance Fund provides financial support to income eligible residents in crisis. To qualify for financial assistance under this program, individuals must satisfy two eligibility requirements: 1) they must reside within the City of Takoma Park and 2) their annual income cannot exceed 60% of the area median income (AMI). Upon verification of the applicant’s eligibility and documentation of need, one time emergency financial support may be provided for a range of basic human needs including, housing, health care, food, clothing, transportation, and childcare.

The program is funded in part by donations from the community with an annual appropriation of funds from the City Council. If you are interested in contributing to the Emergency Assistance Fund, follow this link for more information. The program is administered by Ministries United Silver Spring Takoma Park (MUSST).

To learn more about the Emergency Assistance Program, please contact the Housing and Community Development Department at 301.891.7119 or by email at Housing@takomaparkmd.gov


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