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Transportation Planning

About Transportation Planning in Takoma Park

The transportation planning process improves mobility and accessibility by working with the public to identify land use and travel patterns that affect traffic congestion and air quality. Information about use of roadways, bicycle paths, sidewalks, transit, and future land use development can help to predict travel patterns and transportation network use. Much transportation planning is done at a regional level as most travelers cross local jurisdictions and because pollution concerns caused by vehicle travel are a region-wide problem.

Bicyclists of all ages can enjoy a ride through Takoma Park.
Bicyclists of all ages can enjoy a ride on Takoma Park’s trails.

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“/.Takoma Park coordinates with the National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board on regional transportation plans and with the  Montgomery County Planning Department on transportation master plans that impact the city. The City also works with the Maryland Department of Transportation and the Maryland State Highway Administration on projects in Takoma Park.

Transportation Plans

Montgomery County and the State of Maryland have published a variety of transportation plans impacting Takoma Park.






The City maintains signed, on-street bike routes connecting commercial districts, the Takoma Park Community Center, and transit facilities with regional trails. Use the Takoma Park Bike Map (PDF) to plan your route, available for free from public buildings and bike shops in the City. Learn more about Takoma Park’s Bikeways Program.

Projects & Studies

The following studies have examined and proposed transportation alternatives and improvements within the City.


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