All City of Takoma Park City buildings closed to the public until further notice. Police Dept open 24/7 for emergency services.

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Unity in the Community

It is important to the Takoma Park Police Department to have meaningful interaction, open dialogue and strengthened relationships between community residents and the police officers who serve and protect them. Unity in the Community is an initiative started by Meaghan Murphy, co-owner of Capital City Confectionery, Mayor Kate Stewart and the Takoma Park Police Department that focuses on community policing. The initiative was created as a plan of action to build upon the continuation of community responses throughout the nation to unite local police departments with their communities into one collective voice. The initiative is a step Takoma Park has taken to create and strengthen relationships between the Takoma Park Police Department, elected city officials and community residents by expanding opportunities for people of diverse backgrounds to come together through community dialogue, relationship-building events, sustained partnerships and fundraising campaigns. Everyone in the community is encouraged to attend, volunteer or lend their services


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