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Victim/Witness Assistance

The needs of victims in the City of Takoma Park vary in degrees depending on the type and extent of each individual crime.  Some victims may require as little as the basic information given by a police officer or an informational brochure, while others may need many hours of support and assistance provided by both police officers and the Takoma Park Police Department’s Victim/Witness Assistant, and other related service providers.

The Victim/Witness Assistant, a civilian police employee, can initially come into contact with a victim very soon after an officer responds to a scene, especially if the victim has need of emergency services; such as issues of personal safety, emergency shelter, or crisis counseling.  Most victims are contacted in person, by telephone and/or by mail, by the Victim/Witness Assistant.

If you are the victim of a crime, the Police Department’s Victim/Witness Assistant can provide you with information related to your case and the criminal justice system, as well as provide support, such as court accompaniment and referral to appropriate sources of help, such as agencies that offer counseling and compensation and to agencies within the criminal justice system.  If a suspect is arrested, the Victim/Witness Assistant can help with preparation for court and help with writing a victim impact statement.

The Takoma Park Police Department is committed to the fair, compassionate and sensitive treatment of victims of crimes.  We will ensure that victims are afforded reasonable protection and the information to assist them with coping and recovering from the effects of crime.  A victim’s physical, emotional and financial well-being is important.  If you are in need of Victim/Witness assistance, please contact Diana Dean at dianad@takomaparkmd.gov.



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