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Stormwater Resiliency Study



The City Council provided $150,000 towards a study of stormwater impacts on private property and management options. The City has partnered with the Low Impact Development Center (LIDC) for this initial effort. LIDC has performed stormwater impact analysis for several jurisdictions, including Somerset, Hyattsville, and Cheverly.

The Low Impact Development Center proposed Scope of Work includes:

Task 1 – provides a suite of stormwater management solutions for private and public property. It is envisioned that this will provide much-needed public information that the City can post to our website to help residents understand options for stormwater management.

Task 2 – Review flood-prone areas of the City and select approximately 20 locations to develop initial recommendations for addressing stormwater impacts. This analysis will use GIS information, satellite imagery, and field visits. Two of these locations will be studied in detail to illustrate the possible reduction in run-off volume through the implementation of the recommended measures.

Task 3 – Provide a list of proposed incentives and Code changes that the City may want to consider to enhance stormwater requirements, both at the City level and to recommend at the County level.

Task 4 – Establish a dashboard on the City’s website that will enable property owners to estimate the amount of run-off produced by various types of storm events based on the amount of pervious and impervious surface within their property. The dashboard will also include links to available city incentive and State grant programs.

For more information about the project, please contact:

Daryl Braithwaite
Public Works Director
Email Daryl

Takoma Park Site Visit Areas


Stormwater Resiliency Study Kick-Off 

Zoom Meeting Information
Thursday November 10

The meeting will provide general information about the scope of the project and initial review of the various data sources that the study will be using, as well as enable residents to provide input on identification of flood prone areas in the City.

Among the deliverables of the study include development of general information about a suite of stormwater management solutions for both private and public property that will be added to the City’s website.

The study will identify approximately 20 flood prone locations for further analysis, and two of the locations will be studied in detail to illustrate measures to reduce run-off. The LIDC will also provide the City with a list of proposed incentive and Code changes for consideration to enhance stormwater management requirements. Lastly, the project will provide a dashboard that will enable residents to estimate the amount of run-off on their property generated by various storm events.

Site visits:  (to be updated)

Area 1: Wednesday, January 18th

Area 2: Monday, January 23rd

Area 3: Monday, January 30th

Area 4: Wednesday, February 8th

Area 5: Monday, February 13th


Work Session – City Council Meeting – July 13, 2022



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