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Due to COVID-19, the Takoma Park Recreation Department is offering an alternative to our traditional Egg Hunt. We will host our first ever “Eggstravaganza Event”.  The Eggstravaganza will provide a fun outing for families and you may visit a place you have never been to before.

Get your baskets and map ready to solve clues. Determine the local businesses based on the clue, stop by and say the magic words to staff “Hippity Hop”. You will get an egg filled with treats. Businesses are all around town and in some cases right outside the City limits. Some eggs have a special note inside, so don’t wait to open them!

Important Notes

  • This is not a race so no need to zip around town, stay and grab something to eat, shop a good sale etc.
  • Please obey all transportation/parking laws.
  • Also please follow the particular business established CDC procedures.


Date:    Friday and Saturday, April 2 & 3, rain or shine

Time:    1:00 – 4:00 pm each day

Ages:    2-8 years old with parent participation

Cost:    Free




Use the below clues as a family to find the next location! Each location will have an egg in their window with the Recreation Department logo to signify their participation.  If you are stumped click on the image above for the answers.

Check out the entire list before heading out, we don’t want to forget our two neighbors just outside of the City limits.

Don’t forget to bring your basket for the eggs!

Ward 1
You used to come for fresh subs, now you can come for a delicious mexican surprise. To find us, you must think “red skies!”
Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
I love buying flowers in Takoma Park,
How about you?
We are at cheesecake but are not cheesecake anymore. We have delicious soups and sandwiches for you and items for a charcuterie board for your parents!
Takoma Park just grew a pearl! We’re celebrating with bubbles.
Sandals, clothing, jewelry and more, that’s what you can find in this house
looking store.
Hummus, babaghnoush, baklava, falafel and pita.
This place sure has a lot of delicious meals to eat-a!
When you walk in you’ll be super excited. So many toys to play with, you’ll surely be delighted!


Ward 3
The yeast a good baker can do is rise from a terrible baking experiment.
Careful crossing to this corner store, at this busy intersection!
If you ever want one of these, then a license you must get, this transport’s spelled with three letters, but it isn’t called a jet. But remember once you have one, you might need a part. If that’s the case, we’re ready in advance!
There’s no better place to get your favorite meals than from a
Tex-Mex restaurant that’s on wheels! If your car needs a charge, you can wait in the lot. Once it’s charged you can leave your spot.


Ward 6
I’m something that smells cheesy,
But I’m not a pair of socks.
I am a food that’s sliced,
And delivered in a box.
“Pizza, Pizza!”
Located on Holton Lane
This legal service goes through Takoma Park
“Keeping Families Together”
We sit in a special chair,
When we must do something with our hair.
Snip, snip, CUT will produce “visible changes”
An apple a day keeps the doctor away,
But if you need to come in,
Make sure to look for the office named after the best grade you can get on your report card!
After getting some bling here,
You can go next door for some “Pizza, Pizza!”
It’s not the Red Hot Chili Peppers,
But the chillies are better at Hampshire Place!
On NH Ave between the golden arches and
The pink and purple bell.
Here you’ll find a discount store,
With many clothes to sell!


Outside City Limits
We have food & toys & treats without end, not for you but for your furry friend!
Craving something salty and something sweet?
Veronica might have something for you to eat!


Don’t forget to bring your basket for the eggs!


After the Event

After the event be sure to drop your empty eggs off in the basket at the Police Department.  Recreation staff will sanitize and reuse next year. Last day to return the empty plastic eggs is Friday, April 16th.

Participating Businesses

Participating businesses will post the below window cling so you know you are in the right place. It’s not a race, enjoy your time going around the City on Friday or Saturday.  Get some takeout, pick up a gift or two or something special.  This is your chance to have some fun, support local businesses and potentially fine a new favorite spot!


Virtual Event


Virtual Magic Show & Virtual Bunny Dance

A Virtual show has been added for Saturday April 3. A Virtual Magic Show & Virtual Bunny Dance Show by Clown N Around Entertainment on Zoom will begin at 6:00pm. These two shows will provide family entertainment and bring a great feeling to a great Eggstravaganza weekend. Watch this 1 hour combo eggciting event here.


Date:  Saturday, April 3

Time: 6:00 pm

Ages: Youth and their families

Cost: Free

Click here Saturday April 3 for a virtual party with Mr. Bunny.



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