Car Free Challenge

The Car Free Challenge is a 5 month-long competition to help Takoma Park reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transportation and reduce the number of cars on the road. The challenge is open to anyone living or working in Takoma Park Maryland. Individual and team prizes will be award throughout the competition, including several free bikes! So break out your padded bike shorts, walking shoes, and smartrip cards and join the Car Free Challenge today.

How to Join the Challenge

  1. Go to to register and join (or start) a team

2. Log your miles / trips at or download the "From Labs Challenge" app on your smartphone to log trips with GPS

3. Win prizes!

Keep an eye out for information on workshops and special events.

Earn miles for yourself and your team by:

  • biking
  • walking
  • carpooling
  • taking the bus, train, or metro

Miles count for any trip that would typically be taken by car such as going to work, school, grocery store, appointments, out to dinner, etc. Carpooling only counts is there are two or more people who do not live together sharing in the trip.

Win Monthly Prizes

Monthly prizes will be awarded starting June 19 and may include:

  • Gift cards to a local bike shop
  • Gift card to a local shoe store for new walking shoes
  • Smartrip cards
  • Bikeshare gift certificates
  • New bike accessories like helmets, lights, tune-ups, and more!


Individuals: New bike

Team: Catered lunch for the entire team

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