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Car Free Challenge

The Car Free Challenge was a 5 month-long competition to help Takoma Park reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transportation and reduce the number of cars on the road. The challenge was open to anyone living or working in Takoma Park Maryland. Individual and team prizes were awarded, including a brand new bike!


Congratulations to everyone that participated. The following individuals and teams deserve special recognition for their car free efforts!

Most Miles Walking

  1. Sharon Milgram, 285 miles
  2. Jason Damweber, 267 miles
  3. John Sener, 219 miles

Most Miles Biking

  1. Jim Hahn, 2,819 miles
  2. Christopher Dame, 2,219 miles
  3. Jorge Brito, 1,616 miles

Most Metro Miles

  1. Mimi Ikle-Khalsa, 1,563 miles
  2. Lori Hill, 1,216 miles
  3. Sharon Milgram, 1,083 miles
311 Lincoln5523080.42
Forest Park4246236.39
TKPK Ward 63033865.33
Sligo Longbranch2543472.54
BF Gilbert2312241.14
Takoma Bicycle22719882
City of Takoma Park - Team HCD993863
Ripped Feet94672.13




The challenge might be over for now, but you can still be car-free. Try substituting a few of your regular errands done by car with:

  • biking
  • walking
  • carpooling
  • taking the bus, train, or metro

Car Free Resources

Bike Maps: http://www.mdot.maryland.gov/newMDOT/Planning/Bike/Cycle_Maryland.html   and http://www.roads.maryland.gov/Index.aspx?PageId=357

Bike Master Plan for Montgomery County: http://montgomeryplanning.org/planning/functional-planning/bicycle-master-plan/

Where to Park Your Bike: https://www.rackspotter.com/MoCo

Bike Safety: http://www.mcatlas.org/bikestress/  or http://www.bikethedrive.org/safety


Bike Safety:http://www.thewashcycle.com/

Bike Organizations: https://www.bikemaryland.org/resources/advocacy-organizations/

Bus or Train Routes and Times:



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