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Residential Grants and Rebates

Residential Sustainability Grants

Grant Application

Accepting new applications. If you need assistance, please contact Sustainability Manager Gina Mathias at 301-891-7623 for a list of current programs.

Through a special grant from the Maryland Energy Administration, in conjunction with BlockChain Frontiers Foundation, the City of Takoma Park low-to-moderate income  homeowners are eligible for  FREE efficiency upgrades.

The upgrades available may include: insulation, draft reduction, caulking, weatherizing, appliances (refrigerator, washing machine, water heater, dishwasher), heating, and cooling equipment. Additional assistance may be available for solar panels for well qualified applicants.

Income Eligibility:




A minimum level of possible energy use reduction is required. Based on the results of the required energy audit, BlockChain Frontiers Foundation will identify the specific energy efficiency upgrades you are eligible for. Homeowners have final approval of the upgrade list, however the scope of work may be required on an all or nothing basis. All approved work will be completed for FREE .

Applications will be accepted on a first come first served basis until grant funds are exhausted. 

Download an application

Rebate Application

– Up to $500 for energy efficiency improvements

Eligible improvements include air sealing, insulation, Energy Star appliance upgrades, and more. To be eligible for a Takoma Park Energy Efficiency Rebate you must:

  • Own a single family or condo property in the City of Takoma Park
  • If renting, you must have permission of your landlord
  • Submit application within 90 days of service
  • Total Takoma Park rebate cannot exceed 50% of your project cost, after all other rebates have been deducted.

The rebate is $0.15 per kilowatt hour (kWh) or therm of annual energy efficiency improvement in your home. For example, an energy auditing company air seals and insulates a home, estimating the total annual energy savings to be 2,000 kWh and 500 therms. The rebate amount from Takoma Park would be $375 for the energy efficiency improvement, $50 for the energy audit, for a total of $425.

Light bulbs, roofs, computers, windows, and small household electronics are not eligible for this rebate.

Other Energy Efficiency Rebates & Incentives


Washington Gas

  • $200 towards a new gas water heater.
  • $30 towards a new programmable thermostat.

Montgomery County

  • $250 tax credit for Montgomery County homeowners. Eligible improvements include air sealing, insulation, windows, doors, heating and cooling equipment, and more. The credit can be taken once PER YEAR for purchases made during that year. Requires a Renewable Energy Tax Credit Application.

Maryland Energy Administration Grants

Clean Burning Wood Stove & Pellet Stove Rebates

  • Up to $500 for a few EPA certified log wood burning stove. Wood stoves must emit no more than 3 grams of particulate matter per hour and be EPA certified.
  • Up to $700 for new EPA certified pellet burning stove.  Pellet stoves must emit no more than 2 grams an hour. A few pellet stoves may be able to also burn corn, which is available through the Takoma Park Corn Co-op.

More information on Maryland Energy Administration stove grants visit can be found on the Clean Burning Wood Stove Grant Program page on the Maryland Energy Administration’s website.

Clean Energy Grant Program

  • $1,000 for new solar photovoltaic systems sized 1 – 20 kW
  • $3,000 for new Geothermal systems sized 1 – 10 tons
  • $500 for new Solar Water Heating systems sized 1 – 100 sq. ft.

For more information on Maryland Energy Administration Clean Energy Grants visit the Residential Clean Energy Grant Program page on the Maryland Energy Administration’s website.

Maryland Home Energy Loan Program

  • Up to $20,000 in unsecured loans from the Maryland Clean Energy Center and Maryland Energy Administration, with 9.99% interest rates. Details are available on the Maryland Home Energy Loan Program website.

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