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Multifamily Energy Efficiency

Multifamily Energy Efficiency Programs

2018-2019 Program

Takoma Park and New Ecology, Inc. are looking for multifamily buildings within the City of Takoma Park for a pilot project aimed at creating savings for centrally-controlled hydronic heating systems.

The aim of the pilot is to monitor boiler performance and optimize the existing systems using low-cost components. For the City of Takoma Park, New Ecology will immediately begin remotely monitoring six sites over a 20-month timeline as part of the program.

New Ecology will be  signing up eligible buildings with a central  boiler system and 50 units or more in December. There is no cost to participants; the program is funded through the City of Takoma Park.


Resources for Commercial and Multifamily Properties

The Montgomery County Green Bank's CLEER Program helps commercial and multifamily properties pay for energy savings
improvements, solar installations, or combined heat and
power projects with no cash out and no cash flow impact.

Montgomery County’s C-PACE program is an innovating financing program that allows commercial building owners to make energy efficiency and renewable energy upgrades to their buildings and pay for those upgrades over time via their property tax bill.

Pepco offers rebates, incentives, and assistance for all businesses, from mom and pop shops to large commercial real estate portfolios. If you are considering any type of capital improvement project that involves energy, check with Pepco to find out what programs are available.

Please contact New Ecology by December 21st if you have an eligible building.

Contact: Jane Willeboordse, 410-648-4300, x7091, or

Michelle Moran, 617-557-1700, x7073

New Ecology is confident that, in most cases, they can reduce gas consumed by hydronic boilers and water heaters, maintain “optimized’ operation, reduce equipment cycling, and provide critical and early insight for maintenance staff and HVAC contractors that will avoid emergencies and reduce costs. Success has been  proven through previous similar projects over the last several years.

Of over 100 buildings New Ecology has monitored in the last several years, 81% have shown the potential to save energy.

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