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Montgomery County Public Schools

About the Montgomery County Public Schools Projects in Takoma Park

Montgomery County Public Schools operates all the public schools in the County. The schools that are located within the City limits are Takoma Park Elementary School (7511 Holly Avenue),  Piney Branch Elementary School (7510 Maple Avenue) and Takoma Park Middle School  (7611 Piney Branch Road).  Takoma Park students are also located within the school boundaries for Rolling Terrace Elementary (705 Bayfield Street) and East Silver Spring Elementary (631 Silver Spring Avenue).

Takoma Park Middle School Addition

Montgomery County Public Schools constructed an addition for Takoma Park Middle School: https://www.montgomeryschoolsmd.org/departments/facilities/construction/project/takomaparkms.aspx

Piney Branch Elementary School Addition and Swimming Pool

The Montgomery County Public School lists Piney Branch Elementary School as a location for an addition and renovation.  From the Superintendent’s Recommended FY 2023 Capital Budget and the FY 2023–2028 Capital Improvements Program: “An FY 2023 appropriation is recommended to begin the architectural design for this major capital project; however, no construction funds are included in the FY2023–2028 Capital Improvement Project. Therefore, a TBD completion date will be shown until construction funds are approved in a future CIP.”  https://www.montgomeryschoolsmd.org/departments/planning/cipmaster.aspx

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