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Update of Records Retention Schedules

About the Records Retention Schedules

A records retention schedule identifies each series of records (including digital records) held or created by an agency and establishes rules for their maintenance and disposition.  In Maryland, retention schedules must be approved by the Maryland State Archives and a local government must offer records to the Archives before disposition. The length of time a record is kept varies depending on the type of record and whether a retention period is set by federal, state, or city law.

Some records are permanent. City Council meeting minutes and ordinances are permanent records. Certain financial and grant records must be kept for a specific period of time for audit purposes. Some records may be permanent due to their historical value. Permanent records are eventually transferred to the Maryland State Archives.

The first step in preparing the updated retention schedules is collection of accurate file inventories from all departments. The inventories are evaluated and each record series is given a recommended retention period. Once finalized, the schedules are sent to the Maryland State Archives for review and approval. Upon approval, permanent records become eligible for transfer to the Archives. Other records may be retained or disposed of pursuant to the approved schedules.

Current Project Status

Phase I – collect file inventories from all departments. Completion target is January 31, 2016.

Project Lead & Contact Info

Jessie Carpenter
City Clerk
Phone: 301-891-7267
Email: JessieC@takomaparkmd.gov

Records Retention Schedule Update Details

Project Info & Timeline

  • Target completion date: 2016 – June
  • Takoma Park’s role in project: Lead
  • Departments involved: Clerk

Budget & Funding Source


Links & Notes

Records Management Guidance from the Maryland State Archives.

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