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Takoma Junction Articles and Blog Posts

The Takoma Junction City-owned parking lot is slated for redevelopment. Articles in the Takoma Park Newsletter and blog posts convey additional information about the project.

Council and City Manager Blog
Guest Blog
Takoma Park Newsletter Articles
DateNewsletter Link
August 2018 Council Votes to Move Forward with Takoma Junction Site Plan (p. 1)
July 2018Next Steps for the Takoma Junction Process (p. 1)
June 2018Update: Proposed Takoma Junction Project (p. 1)
May 2018Takoma Junction Redevelopment: A pictorial preview (p. 1)
April 2018Takoma Junction Redevelopment: Upcoming opportunities to learn more about the project (p. 13)
November 2017Update from the City Manager (p. 3) and Takoma Junction Redevelopment: Project Update (p. 4)
April 2017Takoma Junction Community Consultations Held (p. 4)
March 2017Takoma Junction Community Consultation Continues (p. 4)
February 2017City Council votes unanimously to move forward with Takoma Junction Redevelopment (p. 1)
January 2017Takoma Junction Redevelopment Update (p. 4)
August 2016City Council approves agreement with Takoma Junction developer (p. 1)
June 2016Community consultation process advisory committee for the Takoma Junction redevelopment (p. 3)
April 2015Takoma Junction developer chosen (p. 1)
March 2015Takoma Junction developer drops out (p. 4)
February 2015What’s Next? Takoma Junction redevelopment process just beginning (p. 4)

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