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Democracy Café

Join us on Friday evening, June 9, at 7:30 for a special program. Chris Phillips returns with a new topic “Democracy Café: A System Unrigged – exploring how to resuscitate and evolve our constitutional republic in ways that make it more genuinely inclusive, open and vibrant.”

Several years ago Dr. Phillips facilitated several Socrates Café workshops here, which were enthusiastically praised by all those who attended, adults, teenagers, and older school-age children.

The purpose of the interactive discussion is to help everyone learn how to “make the most of their mortal moment, and achieve what the Greeks of old called arête, all-around excellence” – to learn how to ask the crucial questions about how one should live.

Dr. Phillips was a 2014/15 Network Fellow at Harvard University‘s Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics, 2012 recipient of the Distinguished American Leadership Award, and is a recent Senior Education Fellow at the National Constitution Center.

He travels around the world holding dialogues with people – now it’s your turn.

We will close the library at 6 pm as usual, then reopen at 7 pm for this do-not-miss program.

Socrates Cafe
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