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Join Us for Indigenous People's Day Celebration on Saturday, October 10 at 5:00PM - Sligo Creek Parkway North Neighborhood Park


Indigenous Peoples’ Day commemorates Native Americans’ persistent presence and ongoing struggles since Columbus landed in the Caribbean on October 12, 1492, marking the beginning of centuries of conquest, enslavement, and displacement in the Americas. Diverse communities now living together on ancestral tribal lands come together to acknowledge history, to uphold reconciliation, and to support our collective wellbeing.

Takoma Park sits within the traditional homeland of the Piscataway, a state-recognized tribe of Maryland. We come together to honor this living space and ancestors. Greeting the Waters is an ancient, ongoing practice that reinforces relationships between people and the cultural landscape.

Join Mayor Kate Stewart, Councilmember Peter Kovar, and Takoma Park resident and Piscataway historian, Dr. Gabrielle Tayac, who will open the greetings and guide us in the ways that we can rebalance ourselves in this tribally based practice.

Due to Covid-19 requirements regarding six-feet social distancing, we are limiting the event to the first 35 people to register. The event will be streamed live and recorded. Everyone who is attending must register and will be allowed to participate on a first-come basis.

Register here:
(Open to Takoma Park residents only)

Indigenous People’s Day: Greeting the Waters

Masks are mandatory 

Saturday, October 10
Time: 5:00 pm

Sligo Creek North Neighborhood Park
Directions: (Playground across the street from Hayward Avenue)


  • At 5:00 pm assemble at North Sligo Park, masks are required and six-feet social distancing is required although families/groups who quarantine together could cluster.
  • Gabrielle Tayac lights cedar and gives an overview of how greeting the water brings purpose to Indigenous Peoples Day.
  • Each person or family is invited to go to the water’s edge and speak a word their commitment to the wellbeing of the water and to the community – silently or out loud.
  • An ASL Interpreter will be provided

All of Takoma Park is welcome to come to the waters at any time, especially during the days leading to Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

On Sunday, October 11 and Monday, October 12, give your greetings, take pictures, and share your presence.

You can also simply stand in or outside of a space of your choosing and gratefully introduce yourself to Piscataway land

Required: Wear a mask and maintain social distancing

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