Published on: Wednesday, April 28, 2021 News

Statement from the City regarding ongoing NDC and Co-op dispute


Over the past week, the City of Takoma Park has been actively involved in discussions to bring about a resolution to an ongoing dispute between the Neighborhood Development Company (NDC) and the Takoma Park Silver Spring Co-op (Co-op). This dispute is regarding the Co-op’s use of a City-owned parking lot at Takoma Junction for deliveries and parking. This lot is leased to NDC which, in turn, leases it to the Co-op.

Last week the City formally asked NDC to rescind its earlier demand that the Co-op immediately discontinue its use of the parking lot site. The City also asked NDC to not interfere with the Co-op’s use of the City-owned parking lot for its deliveries and parking for its customers, so that the Co-op could continue with its current sublease arrangement.

The City set a deadline of Friday, April 23 for NDC to comply with those requests. On Tuesday, April 27, attorneys for the Co-op filed suit against NDC and the City of Takoma Park. As a result of that legal action, the City is currently evaluating possible courses of action, while at the same time continuing to seek a resolution of the issues between NDC and the Co-op.

“As Mayor, I am extremely disappointed that NDC and the Co-op have been unable to successfully resolve these issues, and that this dispute has now moved into a court of law,” said City of Takoma Park Mayor Kate Stewart. “NDC must abide by its existing agreements with the City. The City is exploring all possible options to find a solution to the situation.  It is in the best interests of our residents that these issues get resolved as quickly as possible.”